"you want to come?"

What a weekend!

While I tried in vain to prevent Caroline’s cold from spreading any further with handwashing to the cracked skin degree, she enjoyed a whirlwind trip to MA to see Baldwin.

On Thursday the train fervor reached its peak when she told Katie (for what I believe was the upteenth time that afternoon) that she was taking a train and seeing Baldwin. “You want to come?” At Stop and Shop picking up some last minute items that night, the cashier got the same invitation. In fact, anyone who would listen to her excited Baldwin banter could have come along and she would have been delighted.

We made our train and connection with ease at the cost of just one buttered adult pant leg. She did beautifully on the train itself snacking, watching Lady and the Tramp, talking noisily and happily about the train and the man who took our ticket. It all fell apart in Providence, but she really did so well that in a pinch I know we can rely on the train again. My plan to unearth the sling for the ride and game proved to be a great decision. Not only did it make it easier for me to carry her and all her stuff on the train without squishing Baby Macadamia, but she liked having the security of being wrapped up and snuggled close. I’m considering getting another more newborn friendly version because wow, I forgot how much I love that sling. Though there was once again no nap at the game, but during our 3rd quarter break she snuggled right into me in the sling and recharged her Eagle fan batteries to help cheer BC onto their overtime fumble recovery win over Wake Forest.

And the SALE! I’ll post a full report over on McDeals & Steals, but I found pretty much everything on my list and more, all within my sale budget. When you are me and you love a good deal, you bring cash to the sale because just knowing that you have a check can cause a total budget breakdown. (though in retrospect, they accepted only local checks so wouldn’t that have been a bust!) Kiki helped me sift through the 2T and 3T racks and she found MOST of the must haves. Oh, how we love a good sale!

With the cold symptoms mounting I’ve been trying hard to pump myself full of fluids, keep my hands washed, and rest as much as possible. There was a little glitch yesterday though when a certain someone decided that they did not in fact need a nap, though I desperately did. It was a bit of a whiny afternoon, but bedtime came early and easily and the adults of the house were snuggled under the covers at 9pm; coughing and sniffing, but resting nonetheless.


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