anti-diaper antics

Yesterday afternoon before we headed out to Caroline's first ever trip to the movies, I was a frantic woman; packing up contraband cheerios, juice, and snacks. When she woke up from her BRIEF nap, I immediately checked her diaper knowing. Our time frame to leave was limited and catching her to do the check once she got to racing around the house was going to be no easy task. Imagine my SHOCK when I pulled down her jeans to discover she was wearing JUST her big girl undies, which she still insists on wearing over her Pull Up most days. Sometime before she finally fell asleep she decided that she really did not care for that perfectly dry pull-up and she removed her jeans, her undies and the diaper in question - tucking it into the corner of her crib. Instead of naked nap time, she pulled the undies back on, the jeans back up, complete with zipper and snap.

When I went to put a new pull-up on she protested and how I wish I could have just said ok, let's skip it and stay home to embrace this sudden anti-diaper stance. Truth is, I was a little excited about Toy Story too and I had already bought the tickets, so that pull up got pulled up and off we went.

I cannot possibly explain the momentary panic when I discovered her diaper missing?!


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