Caroline is enjoying the novelty of dressing her babies in her baby brother’s newborn clothes; unearthed from the attic, lovingly given by kind friends, or newly purchased. Then again she’s enjoying dressing her babies in her new 3T “jammas” that are practically falling off of her they are so big. I think she likes that the extra material on the bottom becomes a blanket to wrap that snuggly baby up. The level of maternal nurturing we are seeing has increased at an alarming rate lately with all the talk of Macadamia, watching Mommy’s tummy explode, and all the changes that seem to be happening slowly in her house.

We’ve practically emptied her new big girl room. Steve and I spent the better part of her nap on Saturday taking trips with furniture to the garage or boxes of office doodads to the basement. The room was freshly painted just for her in a perfect shade of bluish green before we moved in. We knew that someday it would be hers. No sooner than Steve had hung the adorable valences on the windows and the room began to change from spare to Caro’s did he pick up her new quilt asking me, “why did you get Full/Queen?” Hardy har har was my reply, very funny, but LO, it was a Full/Queen. I rushed to Homegoods to return the adorable quilt my pregnancy brain could have SWORN was a TWIN. We’re actually happier with the replacement and no need to switch out the valences either; catastrophe averted. Imagining the day we put it all together for her and unfurled a too big quilt… yeah, not exactly what we had in mind for an introduction to being a big girl. Though milestones that involve last minute shopping trips might be fun too.

Caroline’s been hanging out in there; reading books, snuggling on the bed under the fancy blanket I plan on putting on the foot of her bed for quiet time (what naptime has become most days). No doubt the cat will welcome this addition as well. Caroline’s room gets amazing sun in the early afternoon and Reese spends a great deal of her day in there stretched out in an always moving sunny spot she follows around the house. I’m sure with the new resident moving in the cat will be spending far less time in there. Desperate as Caroline is to play with her, Reese is still reluctant and really, I think that’s better for everyone right now. Though I am told often by the bossy toddler that “we have to be nice to kitty, we pet her nice, we don’t hit her,” actions speak louder than words. Most days she is more excited to chase her around the living room screaming “RAWR” than to sit quietly with her.

Caroline’s trying on her new room. I watch her from the hallway, quietly going through the bag of holiday themed books I had put away from last Christmas, smiling at the sound of her squeal that could only mean she has uncovered “Merry Christmas Curious George.” Our little girl. So big.

I drift to the top of the stairs to pick up the morning’s discarded pajamas and my gaze meets the door to the nursery, the room that was hers that will be his. It is such a content feeling to think that in just 3 months the house will be full. We’ll miss the spare room. It meant occasional overnight guests, it felt nice to have that space, but there will be another time for that in another place. The house will be same and yet completely new come February and we are in agreement that we both cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has flown nor can wait much longer for his arrival. It is a curious mix of hurry up slow down.

Last night at bedtime Caroline kissed her baby brother goodnight through my belly.

“Goodnight Baby Brother, I love you.”


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