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June 3, 2009

The Ultrasound Tech dated the pregnancy at 6 weeks, with an estimated arrival date of 1/25/2010. Seeing that blinky heartbeat and the accompanying whooshing brought tears to my eyes. Steve beamed with pride and amazement and afterwards we shared a little lunch together on the patio of a local deli. It seems so unreal still, so impossible and yet here we are.

Already it feels so much different than Caroline for so many reasons. We feel more settled here in CT at this point than we did in 2006 when a positive pregnancy test occurred one week post relocation. I was busy trying to dupe someone into hiring me before I started showing. I took daily afternoon naps with Oprah on in the background. I've got an energetic toddler distracting me from the amazing miracle occuring inside my tummy and keeping me from grabbing that much needed afternoon snooze. It just feels different, mainly because I am already sporting a poochy belly bloat. wha???

Coming up with blog posts these days is a big challenge because I am literally busting at the seams to share the news with the entire world!


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