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June 30, 2009

We are on the brink of the big announcement. Steve and I seem to feel that Independence Day is OUR day to break exciting news and this year will be no different. In 2003, we got engaged. In 2006, we posted ultrasound photos on the fridge. This year, we'll let Caroline trumpet the news to one and all.

We made it through the biggest hurdle; the Vineyard wedding. While there were some sideways glances and some questions regarding my cocktail of choice, I think I made it through with relatively few suspicions. Lord knows I was checking out every other married of childbearing age glass too.

We're cruising along at ten weeks now. I sit with Caroline keenly aware that this is the last summer it will be just us three. I want to pack it full of fun and memories and trips to Baskin Robbins to have ice cream for lunch. Mondays and Fridays just became all the more important. She can't recognize yet that something is happening, that a change is on her life's horizon.


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