You’ve been reading far too much over here about the H1N1 vaccine, so I’ll spare you the details and just say that the ladies of the house have been vaccinated, Caroline still needs a second dose in four weeks, and we’re not quite sure what to do about Steve yet. The actual shot vs. nasal mist seems so far to be a much better option for Caroline. The End.

Moms do strange things.

With traffic backed up on my usual route to pick Caroline up from school yesterday, I pulled a characteristic Kerri move and found an alternate route without use of GPS or iPhone maps. When my internal map finally clicked into place, my route took me down a side road by a creamery (yes, a creamery) and wouldn’t you know there were a handful of cows with their noses practically reaching over the fence into the road? How could I not go out of my way to drive my daughter by these cows? So off we went, completely in the wrong direction, to wave to some cows and let me tell you the moos from the back seat made it all worth it.

The cows set us off on a lengthy version of her new favorite song, “Old McDonald.” I’d pause to ask her “and on that farm there was a… what was there? Oh, a pig!? What does a piggy say?” and so on for most of the ride home. That Old McDonald, he sure has a lot of cows and pigs.

Last night at bedtime I suggested Old McDonald and wouldn’t you know that she totally stole the mommy part of the song?

“Old McDonald had a farm, EIEIO, and on that farm he had a… Mommy, what was there? With a… what does a cow say Mommy?” She is 100% totally my kid.


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