I had a crazy busy Tuesday with my annual Memorial Service for the bereavement group I facilitate at work. Between a candle run, a singer who backed out this morning, an impromptu iTunes download situation, and program folding - my day was beyond packed. As I was pulling out of the parking lot to head to my carefully planned reception my phone rang. The number was daycare and my heart entered my throat.

Fever 101.8, crying in the background, when can you come and get her? I couldn't. I just couldn't up and leave at that moment despite the desire in my body to go right and not left. I let my group know, I stayed as long as I had to looking at their photos, listening to their stories, handing them kleenex. It was nearly an hour later when I was finally able to pull myself away and nearly 90 minutes had gone by when I raced into the lobby at school.

Caroline was in the director's office, being snuggled but bawling her eyes out calling for Mommy. She continued to ask for mommy, even after I was holding her and she looked just awful. Lauren and Eric had packed up all her stuff, little Ryan handed me her coat, they had even included her bedding for decontamination. I said I would see them Thursday, fever free for 24 is no joking matter this year.

Puke everywhere. Almost home baby. Dear God, is this happening? A bath. Deconstructing the car seat. Oh the smell. My poor girl.

Saltines. Bread. Goldfish. A fruit bar. Water. Noggin/Nick Jr. 98.3

A 6:45 appointment to test for strep, which was school's biggest concern. An absolute freak out with the swab. Declarations of "out!" "home!" "Go!" An all out assault against the poor pediatrician who did a thorough check despite the negative culture.

She's been talking non-stop since we got home. She's in fine spirits. We're just hoping she makes it through the night fever free. Got word from Ann that they have the H1N1 shot which they confirmed but were unable to book for me at that time. I've got all day to sit on hold and schedule that shot.


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