the one about the weather

For the fiftieth time this week I once again pulled up the extended forecast over lunch today. That weather channel app on the iPhone is ridiculously addictive, especially if you are addicted to weather forecasts like I am. Have we not been over that the first words I utter each morning are "put on the weather?" It should come as no surprise to anyone that there is a football game up in the Boston area this weekend that is kind of important. My weather checking is at an all time feverishly high frequency. All week the forecast for Saturday has been getting colder… and wetter. Uncle Marc won’t even be there to tell me what to wear. I learned my lesson in game day preparation earlier this season and had completely put all my faith in his game time forecasting abilities?? So now what?

Imagine the head shaking when I pulled up the forecast to find this .

Yup, all you yahoos can not only plan your layered weather appropriate apparel for the weekend, but you can also compare the forecast to your football team’s past performance. It is a sickness. Steve, stop clicking over. Hokie, step away from the keyboard. Chris, your wife knows you already looked. Marc, I bet you already knew about this.

While I am certainly not looking forward to a rainy game, I have to be honest and admit that even this BC football widow is a bit sad that she might not make it through the game. I kind of miss it? A little? OK, fine. I actually miss it. What have you done to me Steven?

I’m not sure yet what Caroline and I will do come Saturday. We probably won’t know until we are actually doing it, but we won’t be sending Steve up solo. We might even make pumpkin whoopie pies.


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