the return of the naked toddler & the alien

Perhaps you saw my twitters last night about the return of the naked toddler? I ask, is it just coincidental that Tuesday was her first afternoon nap in several days? Sans nap we’ve been getting right to the business of sleeping at a reasonable hour. With the daycare nap, she got into bed last night (early and without any books for naughty behavior) listened quietly to her music, moved onto to talking non-stop with her dolls, then to kicking her feet loudly against the crib bars, and eventually out of sheer boredom disrobed completely. After a firm talking to while we redressed her for bed, she went happily to dream land. It was thankfully before 10PM (in fact I think I fell asleep close to 10PM), but still. The hour plus decompress playtime period at night is making me squirmy about the looming big girl bed. At least with her crib she is safely contained. With a bed she can get out (and who knows how long it will take her to figure out she can get out on her own…any ol’ time she wants to) and the situations I am imagining finding when we go up to check on her are frankly pretty scary to this neat freak. Entire drawers emptied. Piles of books on the floor. Curtains pulled from the windows. I don’t see anyway around the school nap though, it’s protocol. Having her awake would disrupt the sleep of the kids who actually still need their nap.

Speaking of school, things are improving! Less tears, none today at all in fact per Steve’s drop off update. It’s been kind of like going back in time to the days when I was still struggling with my own transition to part-time working mom. Steve would text me each morning about the drop off. We’ve returned to the old format it seems and thankfully the texts are getting better and better with each passing day. There seems to be more stability in her classroom since they asked a really fabulous substitute to come on long-term for Michelle’s unexpected leave. Caroline is back to talking about her friends on the way home; “Seany went to his house. He eat dinner.” The mornings have still been tough, but this morning I was elated to get a text from Steve that she was still nervous, but there were no tears. NO TEARS. Yesterday when I arrived to pick her up she was sitting with Bailey at the table and announced; “Color!” She did not want to leave. I repeat, she did not want to leave! Mr. Eric had to find a coloring page for her to take home to convince her that it was ok to go home and color there. No sooner than we walked into the house was she digging through her bag and bounding to her table to color that picture. I daresay we’ve turned a hopeful corner.

Caroline woke up this morning after 7, another side effect of not getting to sleep on time. I’d much prefer to not have to wake her up if I can help it because the mood and attitude leave me exhausted before my day actually begins. Her first words to me were “Target?” followed by “see babies?” I think we’ve been making a few too many quick Target runs recently. Those trips always involve a stop in the baby doll aisle where we tickle all the babies to make them crawl, cry, or giggle. Once it was clear that Target was not in her immediate future, she moved right on to breakfast requests and can I tell you how awesome that is? “Bagel and Cheerio.” My child has free will and can actually tell me what she wants to eat.

We’ve reached another milestone with Macadamia. At 25 weeks pregnant, those kicks and punches have transformed into squirming and rolling. It’s pretty much a gymnastics lesson in my belly each day. Enter the frightening alien phase. This kid is getting big, strong, and is at times driving me completely batty. There are moments during the day that I literally cannot concentrate on anything beyond his non-stop jumping and twirling and I find myself alone in my office muttering away to him that “yes, hi, I know you are in there, but can we please calm down? Please?” I’m definitely feeling a connection to this little boy. It’s been harder to get to this point with the constant distraction of a toddler, but I am finding more time recently to just sit and be with him, in our own little world together.

Here’s this morning… I actually tried to wear the Bella band with regular pants today. The results were laughable and extremely uncomfortable. That box on the floor Reese is smelling is earmarked to hold the rest of the non-preggo wardrobe until I can fit into it again. If I don't put it away, I will keep trying to wear it. I had on my stretchy skinny jeans this weekend and Steve asked me if I still thought I really fit into them with a look of skepticism. He's right. I don't. I need to put them away and enjoy the freedom of a zipper and button free lifestyle! Bring on the guacamole!


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