the big guy and the "baby jeez"

Halloween brought carved pumpkins, orange lights, spooky tombstones, and marked the beginning of the blow up lawn decoration season with pumpkins topped by cats and witches. When we went to get Caroline’s H1N1 vaccine we chided her into putting on her coat by telling her we were going out looking for pumpkins. Daddy did go out of his way to swing by some of the houses we knew would have them up and lit, but she was pretty upset that our pumpkin trip had turned into a trip to the doctor.

Each school night I turn down a street off my regular route just to go by the one house I know will always have their blow up pumpkin’s air pumping. With Halloween gone, so were all the pumpkins and did I have a sad little girl on my hands earlier this week when I told her that Halloween was over and the pumpkins were G-O-N-E. I had a hunch that the “special house” (as we have started calling it) would already be primed for Thanksgiving and they certainly did not disappoint. So family with the first blow up turkey in town – the car that stops in front of your house every night around 5:10 means you no harm, we’re just yelling “gobble, gobble” and laughing that the silly turkey is wearing a hat.

Of course with the onset of lawn turkeys comes the beginning of the Christmas insanity. On Disney this morning she was asking for “More Christmas” after watching a Disney “music video” (????) for an upcoming holiday special. More Christmas. I can barely wrap my head around the fact that it is November and the fact that not one calendar in my house has been flipped is testament to this fact. Another fact, we’ve already shifted into holiday mode with list writing and budget planning. With the exception of some stocking stuffers and her big item – we’re done shopping for Caroline. We’re getting pretty friendly with our UPS driver. I think it’s going to be a pretty exciting holiday season for Caroline. We can explain Santa to her and try to come up with a connection between him and the “baby Jeez.”

Now, if you ask Caroline if Santa is going to come to her house she will go ashen and shake her head no. Somehow it got into her head that he is coming to take her away… like another like girl I know who 30 years ago thought Peter Rabbit was up to the very same trick. The apple, it does not fall far.


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