caro and the bookshelf

That cut/bruise just millimeters from our daughter’s beautiful brown eye seems to be more of the skinned/burned variety today than the bruise we thought it would be yesterday. It was evident that she had gotten lots of TLC from the staff at school over her injury when she showed it to me with a huge pout and told me “I hit my head on the bookshelf.”

This morning over breakfast I applied Aquafor and styled Caro’s hair into adorable piggies. The curls just don’t cut it at school. They can’t quite manage them if a nap is involved and if Katie isn’t there in the afternoon I pick up a complete ragamuffin with an absolute nightmare of a hairdo that screams neglected. She looked at me as she scooped up another spoonful of oatmeal and said, “I don’t want to go to school.” I asked her how come. “I don’t want to see Jordan.”

Steve was still upstairs and I didn’t want to make him dread the drop off anymore than he already does when Jordan is there, so I kept it to myself. Instead I reminded Caroline that Ryan (who apparently has the same reaction to Jordan when he arrives in the morning per Steve), Sean, Bailey and all her other friends would be there too.

Before too long she had a cinnamon pop tart (breakfast 2 of 3) toasted and wrapped in a paper towel for the car ride. When Steve went out to put the bags into the car she leaped from her seat and ran to the door for her coat, greeting him when he came back snapped into her coat, wearing a big smile and a ready to go attitude.

The ebbs and flows of being almost 3.


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