moving up

There were as expected a few sad moments this weekend.

...when I realized we didn’t have to keep the door to the basement open for the cat anymore.

...when Caroline asked to see photos of Reese and asked us which one we liked best.

...when Steve and I simultaneously cringed seeing the cat in the beautiful illustrations in “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and Caroline said “My Reese, I love her.”

I have actually found her far and few between questions about kitty to be comforting, a reminder that she is still on our minds and in our hearts. Since Caroline frequently references her little friend Hannah from school who left months ago for a home daycare, I don’t doubt that we’ll be fielding these questions for some time, but I do not dread them. It’s been odd not having a heat whore pushing her way against my body and not feeling a heavy lump by my feet at night. I gazed into Caroline’s new room this morning, at the sunlight streaming through the windows, and couldn’t help but think that Reese would have spent a lot of time in Caroline’s new big girl room. Perhaps she would have left my feet for smaller ones that don’t yet reach the foot of the bed. So I am sad for what will never be for them, but so satisfied with the life she was given.

We had an unprecedented number of visitors this weekend, which was such a mental help. Marc and Kelly spent Saturday afternoon with us watching the BC/Virginia game over wings. I don’t think the boys knew quite what to do with themselves since they didn’t need to text their gripes and celebrations. Caroline warmed up to them quickly and when they left Sunday morning to head back to Boston she was missing them fiercely, needing reassurance that we would see them next weekend at the “Red Sox game.”

Marc and Kelly’s departure almost overlapped Kiki and Papa’s arrival with the big girl bed and furniture. She immediately took Papa upstairs to see her new room and it all came together in what felt like an instant. Poof, a sweet little girl’s room. Did she like it? She leaped up into the bed, covered herself with a blanket, and had herself a little quiet time. She was too excited to sleep, but she did grab a nap on Papa later in the afternoon after a delicious lobster roll lunch and koi pond fish feeding.

Her excitement had not worn off at bedtime either. She wanted to skip books completely and go straight to bed - absolutely unheard of at 7:30. One problem, she wasn’t tired yet. Her new room is three times the size of the nursery and she had some trouble settling down to sleep, nervously whining a bit. Steve lay down with her for a few moments to reassure her and she slept all night, not one peep.

Last night with no nap during the day she literally fell into bed only to wake up in the middle of Gossip Girl with the terrible croupy cough. It took us a bit of time to calm her down, but when I took her out into the night air wrapped in a blanket to sit on the steps she settled, breathed deeply and eventually said she was ready to go back to bed. I was prepared for a rough night, but she slept right through, with just a twinge of that cough remaining this morning.

The cutest story from our big girl room extravaganza happened on Sunday night. We walked upstairs and I took her into the nursery asking her who was going to sleep there now. A bit of conversation later she came up with this nugget that she’s been repeating every time we happen to be in Macadamia’s nursery to raise or lower the shade. (Despite the fact that there is no reason to raise and lower the shade, it just feels ODD to not do it everynight and every morning.)

“Bye bye bed, I too big for you now, I sorry."


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