my little outline

This past Saturday was Caroline’s third Halloween and though I feared an all out participation refusal in even the most benign way, she willingly pulled on her cowgirl boots, stuck her Sheriff badge onto her flannel shirt, and at times even wore her hat. She’s quite a cattle hustler now.

We were lucky enough to have a brief trick or treat at Sean, Courtney & Dan’s house pre football game. I was sad that she might not have a chance to ring a doorbell and even if she didn’t really know she was missing out, I did. Thanks guys for being available!! Dan dressed up early too so we could see him in his ridiculously cute pumpkin attire. It’s really terrible that this kid is so unhappy.

The cowgirl morphed into a princess overnight and by the time Auntie C and Hokie arrived to Papa and Kiki’s house on Sunday carrying their amazing wedding invitations, she was dancing around in her flower girl dress and shoes. Their wedding is in 60 days! 6-0! Final preparations are underway and we’ll be heading up to the Boston area this weekend NOT for a football game, but for their wedding shower and Colleen’s Bachelorette. I can’t say anything more or risk ruining the surprise, but it is going to be wonderful.

Caroline and I had such a nice relaxing day together yesterday. The little diva got to do exactly what she wanted to do, when she wanted to do it. I even spoiled her by treating her to a movie in mommy and daddy’s bed. She loves those. She nestled right into me, forming her little body into a Mommy outline, turning around a few times during Tinkerbell to ask me where baby brother was. She’s looking for him in my belly now, lifting my shirt to take a peak. I grabbed a quick snooze during the movie. I’m more tired during the day now that I am regularly seeing 4 o’clock am on the clock. A normal person rolls over, glances at the clock and settles back into a deep sleep. A pregnant woman who just entered her third trimester (!!) rolls over, is instantly wide awake and spends the next 90 or so minutes staring at the ceiling willing herself back to sleep. I keep thinking it’s too soon for this, but I don’t think it is. I've actually gotten a lot of "mental work" completed thanks to this middle of the night wake up; figuring out the logistics of my task for the bachelorette, mentally arranging Caroline's big girl room furniture, coming up with holiday gift ideas. At least I am finding a way to make the time useful, but I'd really rather not know the answers to these questions.


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