the one he calls the root of all evil

The little girl at school who annoys Caroline with her complete lack of personal space boundaries is the only remaining piece of the school drop off sadness. Most mornings I still get texts from Steve about how the tiny menace has now moved on from merely touching Caroline’s foot to completely encircling HIS arm in an awkward embrace while he tries to settle Caroline in. Sometimes she gets the hint and follows another child away, millimeters from his face, but most days she is all up in Caro’s biz and we are not sure how to proceed. The teachers continue to try to redirect, but her mere presence seems to set our daughter off.

I handled drop off this morning to make things easier for Steve who was commuting quite far to another regional office. I distracted her on the ride in with silly songs, discussion about her favorite Miss Katie, and questioning her recent declaration that one of the teachers had been sick and had to go to the doctor. She clung to me when we got to her classroom door, glanced around, and finally allowed me to put her down to take off her coat. “Jordan?” I had breathed a sigh of relief the moment we walked in. Jordan was nowhere to be found. “Nope, Jordan’s not here” and off she went practically skipping to the table to enjoy her third breakfast of the morning, happy as a freaking clam.

Steve was right. This little girl is a big issue. I am on the verge of asking her daycare for a huge favor; to step back our days from three to two during my leave. We decided long ago that we wanted to maintain as much of Caroline’s schedule as possible, while also taking into consideration that I will not be working and have absolutely no benefits for my leave. The one-day step back seems reasonable and we think they will agree since they will theoretically be gaining another paying infant come late April. So we’re feeling a bit trapped here. I don’t want to make a big stink and finger point at a two-year-old right before I ask them to help us out and make an exception, but we also cannot stand that this tiny person is causing Caroline so much anxiety.

We could ask them to move her to another room, but that doesn’t seem fair to Caroline. With so much change this fall and so much change on the horizon, I cannot imagine her starting over in a new room. We cannot exactly ask them to relocate Jordan either, though honestly we’d really like to. We want school to remain her little place to escape all the craziness of home when February rolls around. Part of me is hopeful that they might agree to the two day step down and somehow not have the space for her to return to her classroom for the third day when we add it back into her schedule come April. Perhaps they will just transition her to the preschool room at that point instead of splitting her days between rooms?

In happier news, I went through the three Macadamia name options with Caroline in the car this morning as part of Operation Distract and she can say all of them very clearly. One in particular was annunciated in such a cute way that I almost called Steve on the spot to tell him that we could stop the debate. Hearing her say it in that sweet way everyday to her baby brother would be so adorable. At this point, we’re still deadlocked.

Last time around I detailed all of Caroline’s fetal development milestones here on McCashew, something I have yet to do with Mac. He is measuring over 14 inches now and weighing in well over two pounds, like a head of cabbage. He’s blinking and has eyelashes that surely reach the moon like his father and sister’s. Babycenter made me smile with a reminder to put my feet up and relax until they also told me that I will likely gain an additional 11 pounds this trimester. That would put me right about where I was last time with Caroline in the weight gain department, which isn’t all together bad. I’m trying to stay healthy, eat right, be active – that’s the most important thing– not the number on the scale. Steve’s started doing some extra workouts at home after bedtime and I really should be taking advantage of that time to do more than check facebook or catch up on my twitterstream. Have you seen him lately? You might not recognize him he’s looking so svelte. We’ll be quite a spectacle at the wedding.


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