35 and one day

Am I crawling the walls with boredom? Not yet. I’m keeping as busy as I can and seem to be coming up with a bit of a daily schedule that seems to be working for me. I set myself up with a list of doable tasks each morning to complete during the day. Today’s highlights; uploading three great CDs from Auntie k to the iPod, pulling together some extras for Caroline should she need to be elsewhere, and drinking more water.

The mere mention of Steve’s accident last Thursday’s drives my blood pressure to the sky. The guy who hit him and at the time not only admitted it was 100% his fault has now suddenly changed his tune; denying there was a third car involved that took off (despite his ugly racist “must be an illegal immigrant” statement) and claiming that Steve swerved into HIS lane and not that he tried to swerve to avoid Steve, who was completely STOPPED directly in front of him. Merry Christmas you evil conniving asshat.

Steve brought the car in for repair this morning. Why not take advantage of the fact that we can function 100% with a single car for the immediate future? So I insisted on driving the 2 miles to pick him up from the repair location and I have to tell you I felt like I was breaking the law! I felt nervous and exhilarated to be in the world; “so this is what the world looks like.” I capitalized on my out of the house adventure by stopping at CVS to pick up the new mommy supplies I didn’t want to have to send Steve out to purchase. He remembered where the witch hazel pads were from last time because he “felt extremely uncomfortable in the aisle.” Poor guy. I am glad I have spared his dignity this time around, though he did have to be with me in line holding an armload of “what is going on with that woman?” supplies. And you know what happened? This older lady with a cart cut us off at the end of one aisle and pushed her religious thank you cards and candy ahead of us in line without even a thought. I stepped aside to look for an extra care coupon in my purse while Steve maintained our spot in line and another woman tied to step ahead of him. Only his “excuse me” forced her to vacate her implied spot in line prompting me to turn to him and ask, “where ARE we?” I suppose I just didn’t look the part of a woman who isn’t supposed to be out of the house, which I’ll take as a compliment.

Baby Mac has been more squirmy, less “kicky” since yesterday afternoon, but my kick counts continue to exceed the 3 in 30 or 6 in 60 guidelines. We'll call this evidence of weight gain. When I get nervous about movement I chug some water, eat a piece of chocolate, and lay on my left side and there he is. Just what I need; another reason to eat chocolate. My pressure continues to creep up a bit each day, but I’m maintaining a pretty consistent measurement overall and have no other concerning symptoms. So it appears with this information that I will be seeing the doctor tomorrow at the office for another Non-Stress Test.


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