35 weeks

I was a special treat to see in my "Your Pregnancy: 35 weeks" email this morning that most of little Macadamia's physical development is complete and that he'll spend the majority of the time left in utero gaining weight.

We had a lovely time up in MA this weekend with Steve's family. It simply would not have been the holidays without the McFam Holiday Extravaganza. Knowing that I might not have a true Christmas with my family, it was nice to be surrounded by family in a festive atmosphere. I have my amazing in-laws to thank for the opportunity to be there. They drove down to CT, supported me through my doctor's appointment, and drove two additional passengers back to MA all in less than 8 hours. I feel incredibly fortunate. I was tremendously well-cared for. Caroline was loved, entertained, bathed and spoiled like every nearly three year should be at this time of year. She squealed with delight at every package and was as gracious as someone her age could possibly be. She even got to sit on Santa's lap when he made his annual appearance, bringing her package from the lap sit over to me to open. "Santa brought me blocks! I get to take them home." The magic of Christmas is alive in my little girls gleaming wide eyes.

There were a couple low moments of course - but those came because as much as I truly understand that intellectually I cannot do anything but bide my time and take it easy, emotionally I am all over the place; concerned for my son, worried about Steve, thinking about a NICU stay, nursing, and everything else you would expect a hormonal pregnant woman to worry about.


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