at home: day 2

Base camp has been relocated downstairs today (trial run!) and my first blood pressure of the day was excellent, which makes me happy considering I tried to play a minimal role (pigtail procurement) in operation "get the toddler out the door."It is definitely throwing Caroline that I am home, but not doing the things I normally do. There were a couple minor meltdowns and one half of a chocolate Santa ingested before she and Steve made their way out the door. It is harder than I thought to not sweep her up into my arms comfort her.

The best part of my entire day yesterday was hearing a little voice come in the front door and start climbing the stairs towards me - "Mommy, Mommy, flowers!" She and Steve had indeed brought home some cheery flowers for the bedroom and that hug and snuggle were perhaps the best ones I've ever gotten from my daughter. Before she climbed under the blankets with me she checked to be sure that the "boo boo" on my hand where my IV had been was all gone. We camped out upstairs, had a picnic dinner on the bed, and Steve took care of absolutely everything.

I'm up. I'm showered. I might be ready for a nap.


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