entering the dreaded December timewarp

After being off since noon last Wednesday (though mentally checked out since Tuesday) Steve and I sat together on the couch Sunday night and agreed that it felt like we had been on vacation for weeks. I am sure that the weekend home – 48 full hours – did wonders for that feeling. Caroline thoroughly enjoyed spending Thanksgiving with both sets of grandparents, as well as her aunties and her two uncles; Bubba and Hokie. Our travel was so easy it felt criminal. The turkeys and sides left us beyond full. It was a wonderful, relaxing, and very happy holiday.

I spent the majority of the weekend (and most of my "workday" Wednesday) plotting my holiday shopping gameplan via iPhone Notes, iPhone checklist, mental checklist, secure online shopping cart. We are officially one amazon order away from being completely FINISHED. Except for each other and stocking stuffers for Caroline and... is it ever really DONE? By the time Monday Night Football rolled around I had placed several orders, including our adorable holiday cards. That purchase made me so happy I did a little jig after hitting "confirm order." It was an embarassing pregnant woman jig, but a jig nonetheless and wow - holy hell - it's gonna be January tomorrow!!

How did the rest of our weekend fair?

There was a minor incident during “quiet time” on Saturday afternoon. Shortly after I had shooed Steve out of the house to go to the gym assuring him that Caroline would sleep, I crept upstairs to see what she was up to. I discovered a shirtless child playing with her tub toys holding an empty container of Curious George Bubbles in one hand. “I sorry I spill.” Head down, pouting, showing true remorse. Stripping her bed proved to be more of a workout than this pregnant woman was prepared for, especially when it involved keeping Caroline from rolling around on the inviting pile of soapy blankets on the floor. We talked about how it was an accident and I assured her that Mommy wasn’t mad at her. We talked about how tub toys are for the tub and promptly tossed out the bubble container with its tiny bit of remaining soap. She continued to apologize for this for the rest of the day, which broke my heart because it wasn’t that big a deal, but warmed my soul that she knew she had been doing something naughty without me having to reprimand her in any meaningful way. She’s been doing that lately; going to time out, coming back with an apology. The bubbles were our fault. Parents of toddlers take note. Though your tiny bathroom has no storage, do not think you can just store things like this in your toddler’s room. They will find them and they will spill them everywhere. Also – the decision to get a quilt and not a comforter – definitely CORRECT. Washed, dried, no worse for the wear.

On Sunday we scoped out a Christmas tree and picked the very first one we saw. They said they sold out on Friday and that this tree had just been cut that very morning. You can’t get much fresher unless you cut it yourself and we weren’t up to that challenge. I just started the decoration process last night and I am actually contemplating leaving the ornaments in the boxes this year. After the lights and the ribbon I felt like I had ran 10 miles. I needed to sit down. Steve offered to help me, but I am much too much of a control freak to bear witness to his version of stringing up the lights. The tree, while it does seem to matter more to him now that we have Caroline, doesn’t really delight him in a meaningful way. I could sit there with a mug of cocoa in the darkness, holiday disco tunes in the background, and just stare at it.

Caroline helped me put up the nativity with its extremely fragile OHMYGODDONTTOUCH pieces and has become smitten with one specific breakable Santa from our collection. She’s got the holiday spirit and for the first time helped put the angel on the top of the tree. I always loved that; getting hoisted up to the ceiling to place the crowning glory on top. She couldn't quite reach, but it was so beautiful to watch her and Steve do that. I am such a holiday SAP! Tonight we’ll continue the insane tradition of the advent calendar created last year. It took way too long to put it up after a faulty curtain rod crashed to the floor, but I know it will be worth it when she comes home from school today and opens up Bag number 1. I am grateful for the excuse to have holiday candy around and at the ready. Those Crunch Holiday Bells that jumped into my cart at Target won’t just eat themselves you know!


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