he was just as confused as we were

The doctor we met with this afternoon for our NST and bp check seemed perplexed as to why exactly we were there for an NST. Baby sounded good, though he did sleep through the first 15 minutes of the test necessitating some juice. My bp was excellent 116/74. While he wouldn't give me the go ahead to go back to work, he did downgrade my visit on Wednesday to just a bp check. We rescheduled it for early in the morning and assuming all goes as planned, we're going to be heading up to watch Auntie C and Hokie get hitched later that day. I hear that there might be a certain bride sending demanding messages to the unborn Macadamia via brain wave to "STAY PUT!"

Whatever changed this week is a huge blessing. Watch for my "how to beat early preeclampsia symptoms" bestseller coming out later this year. There must be some special guardian angels watching out for us, ensuring this baby made it to term, and that all three and 3/4 of us gets to see this amazing wedding with our own eyes and not just in pictures.

We are hopeful. We are overly prepared for a baby who seems to be quite comfortable in his little baby cave. We are PACKING to go to Boston and planning a day together just the grown ups tomorrow that includes a movie... in a theatre... without a toddler.

I'll keep the updates coming, but we are hoping they will be pretty boring, with the exception of the wedding recap of course.


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