keeping the freak out in check

I'm waiting until my breakfast settles and the three glasses of water have a chance to do their magic before I take my first pressure of the day, but I am not expecting it to be ideal. Between the anxiety of my 10:30 appointment to figure out our next step(s), Steve's out of state travel plans today, and you know the car sitting in front of the house with damage to the front and rear thanks to the jerk who rear ended my husband last night - yeah - I've got a nice full plate of FREAK OUT going on.

My little girl is home with me here now, keeping me calm, boldly reminding me why the heck I need to calm down already and get a nice even pressure now and at the doctor. I'm being careful not to really mention the doctor to her since that was how we first discussed Kitty being sick. Kitty never came home, so I want to be sure that she does not connect the two together. Speaking of kitty, man, this week would have been so much better with her little warm purring self at my side. I know she would not have left me, that she would have snuggled right up to me and calmed me down. Kitty always knew.

I packed two bags; one to go home to MA and one to go to the hospital. I picked out an adorable newborn sized outfit, Red Sox socks and hat, a onesie, a blanket.

News to come. Hopefully excellent news.


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