Santa's visit was a hit

Caroline and Steve are already playing Wii baseball and she's completed several beautiful works of art on her new easel. In fact, she was so excited about the new easel and all that brand new paint with its fancy brushes that we were hard pressed to convince her to open anything else at all! Santa knew better than to bring too much more than that very special easel because she wanted nothing more than to slap on her new art smock - luckily Santa had told Mommy which box that was in - and get to PAINTING. She ate her breakfast in the living room STARING at the glorious easel and I cannot imagine how we are going to convince her to leave the house this morning to make the trip up to my parents' house.

This morning was by far the best Christmas yet. She woke up knowing full well that Santa had come overnight and we waited at the top of the stairs (per Steve's family tradition) for Daddy to check and see if he had in fact made a stop at her house. She raced forward from the steps directly for her easel and the pure joy on her face made my own heart race. Don't worry, I checked my pressure on her new doctor kit pressure cuff. What a wonderful morning. What a treat to be here.

A few shots of the morning and our daughter's insane hairdo.

Christmas Morning 2009


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