seems it agrees with me

Packed away in my bag here at work is a piece of paper labeled “Pre-Admission Questionnaire.” It made my sullen post turkey trip on the scale blues fade away into virtual insignificance. I held it for a moment before ushering it out of my sight and into my bag where I hoped it would freak me out a teensy bit less. Those three pounds I gained since my last appointment two weeks ago seem like small potatoes when compared with that form and the discussion I had with the doctor about how things are starting to change, what to expect as time goes on, and oh the fact that the next time he sees me I will be an inch bigger. AN INCH. I gently touched his arm and said, “I have to fit into a bridesmaid dress in four weeks.” He smiled and asked me if it had an elastic waist. So yeah, those Crunch Bells I was so excited about yesterday? They need to be put AWAY. My doctor and I are happy with the weight gain so far, so long as it comes from turkey and vegetables and not ice cream. A nice member of my bereavement group told me yesterday that pregnancy agreed with me. I am not sure if he was saying I was a train wreck before or that I seem pretty content with my basketball belly. Either way, I am good that it appears to the outside world that it agrees with me.

I am also realizing that I am getting deep into nesting mode, which for me means folding and refolding tiny onesies, arranging and rearranging the nursery and my curious talent of finding the most meaningless cleaning tasks known to man. Last time I remember wanting to attack the corner of the kitchen with a toothbrush. I didn’t actually DO IT, but I thought about it. A lot. This time my first ridiculous nesting behavior was emptying and organizing the flatware drawer. I know what you have pictured in your head, a mess of a drawer with knives mixed in with forks and the INSANITY. No. It was all where it needed to be, it just didn’t "look" neat. Caroline has been using the teaspoons and dessert forks lately and they seem to get mixed in with the regular sized stuff which for some reason set me off on a ten minute trip down Nesting Lane yesterday morning. I had to close it quickly before my eyes drifted a bit too far to the right to see the true honest to goodness disaster that is the gadget area of the flatware drawer. Don’t think I am forgetting about it. Oh no, I am sure there will be another morning that I will drop everything to line up the can opener and the wine keys.

The kicker of course is that the other grown up in the house did not even notice the miracle in the flatware drawer. Did not even notice. Lest Steve taunt and tease, let's all remember that his nesting with Caroline involved the purchase of a home.


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