wasn't it just the weekend?

Though it is already Tuesday and last weekend already feels like it was months ago instead of days, let’s first dish about the McFam’s weekend. We pulled into Nana and Granda’s driveway Saturday morning to drop our precious cargo off for the day/night. We got a bit of a late start thanks in part to the single worst night of sleep yet – up from 3:30 – 5:30 – and then a very strange thing happened. In my dream I was in my parent’s backyard picking flowers when a little voice suddenly said, “HELLO!” I looked up and there was a child wearing black pants and black hooded sweatshirt. “Hello” I said back. My eyes flew open and I could hear muffled music being played from Caroline’s room. I’m just going to continue believing that she woke up at 6, turned her music on and yelled hello because it makes me feel better.

Steve and I were on the road toward Eastern MA before 11:30. Caroline had caught the vibe early on that we weren’t staying with her and asked Steve several times where he was going. When we did say our goodbyes she was headed outside to play with Nana and Granda and barely wanted hugs and kisses. Nice to leave her happy, but not even a tear!?

By 4pm we were headed into Boston College for Meghan and George’s wedding and the rain had turned into snow. The couple was all smiles, Auntie C looked gorgeous as a bridesmaid and we asked the ring bearer’s father sitting directly behind us for any helpful hints. Directly following the mass we headed into the city for the reception and that was when I made the evening’s fatal errors. I did not immediately reach for an appetizer plate and hit the cheese and fruit. I did not accept the first offer of a beverage from my husband. By the time I decided that the cheese sounded like a good idea, I had been chatting away for so long that there was now a lengthy line and I am so not the girl who plays the preggo card to cut the line. I sent Steve off to fetch me a soda and ultimately ended up meeting him in line because the world was starting to spin a bit and while I know the world does spin, I am not usually keenly aware of this fact. A helpful person pointed to a table with chairs and while I initially declined to sit (what is up with me?! Martyr much??) I eventually ducked my head and raced for that chair because the spinning was getting worse and the coke had not yet done its magic to restore my blood sugar. Steve of course panicked when I was suddenly vanished, but as I continue to tell him, I just needed to take care of myself. Finding him, alerting him that I wasn’t feeling so well would have taken time and energy that I didn’t have. Attentive spouse that he is he kept seeking reassurance that I was doing ok the rest of the evening. I felt very well taken care of. Momentary blip and Dear Body, MESSAGE RECEIVED. I will be hunting down snacks immediately at Auntie C and Hokie’s wedding. I happen to already know what they are and I will have to lie to the baby that the cocktail hour has not yet begun or suffer the wrath of his knees, feet and elbows, as I am sure he will begin insistently kicking me for a bite of the deliciousness. In 25 days!

We danced, we ate, we laughed – a lot. It was such a nice kick off to the holidays and the McFam wedding blitz.

This one is just so them. I love it.

Special thanks of course go to Nana and Granda for entertaining and loving our little girl while we were away. From what we heard she was well behaved, charming, and a delight.

Steve’s got his boss and the VP in for the week, so I’m on morning/afternoon/ and questionable have not been determined yet evening solo parenting duties. We got off to a rocky start this morning when a certain stubborn toddler evaded my every attempt to get her moving towards the door. It was playful on her part, but annoying from my perspective and when the morning ends with a sad face and tears on the step while your mother forcibly buttons you into your coat (all while you clutch your morning toast wrapped in a paper towel) it just isn’t a nice way to begin your week at school. We got back on track in the car singing Jingle Bells, but as I told Steve she so knows that I am not fast enough to wrangle her anymore, that I just don’t have the energy to corral her into her coat quickly, and she is totally taking advantage. Her only real punishment for driving me to the brink of insanity and leaving 20 minutes late was not being allowed to turn off the tree – you would have thought I told her I was cutting one of her fingers off and forcing her to choose the finger.

I’m hoping that the rest of the week goes a bit smoother once she gets back into the school rhythm. She had her own agenda this morning full of feeding her baby cereal, putting her down for a nap, and coloring. AND while we are talking about school. I happened to be present when another little girl came in this morning and announced loud and clear, “SPACE!” to Jordan. It isn’t just our kid, though I’m happy ours seems to have gotten over the intrusiveness for the most part. She was happily chowing on her fruit bar when I left, which is what happens when your witch of a mother tosses your perfectly wrapped toast into the trash after it is thrown across the room as retribution for the unjust act of having ones coat buttoned.


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