and to think I almost had to give up chocolate

After a week and a half of wiping the wee one’s drippy nose, getting coughed at in my face by her sweet but sick breath, and sharing intensely close quarters with a sick child who loves to snuggle close when she’s feeling under the weather, it has finally happened. Steve climbed into bed last night complaining that his nose was running non-stop and my usual wake up at 4:30AM was complicated by a sore throat (my telltale getting sick sign) and a clogged up nose that no matter how hard I tried to avoid thinking about kept me up until, well, it just plain kept me up. It’s 6:30 and I am already downstairs drinking OJ and surfing the web. A week and a half with a sick kid, a single night with a sick husband, BUT thank God I won’t have to be giving up chocolate because seriously, who does that?

“Sick, sick, sick little girl up since 2am. I may need toothpicks to keep my eyes open today. No fever- just a terrible cough and a non-stop drippy nose. If I somehow escape this illness myself I promise to never eat chocolate again.”

January 5th at 8:10AM via Facebook for iPhone

Caroline is back at school today and my plans already include loungewear, a mid morning shower, and some quality time with my body pillow in bed. To get this far and have to deal with a cold on top of everything else just seems like cruel terrible punishment doesn’t it? So to whom exactly do I lodge my formal complaint? I have a strongly worded letter for SOMEONE about the complete injustice.


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