like madre, like chica

Even when she clearly feels like utter crap she cannot help but compulsively clean the marker off her little table. She's been wearing those pjs since we got home from the doctor this morning around 10:30. For the record her mother changed back into loungewear too. It was a lazy, whiney, thumbsucking, napping kind of day. Her nose is currently running non-stop and the awful sounding cough continues on, though lower in frequency if not in dramatics of the "oh my god she sounds AWFUL"variety. Her spirits are higher than they have been all day and she has been floating from toy to toy with a speed we can barely keep up with. Her throat must hurt because the only thing she has wanted to eat all day is yogurt (yeah, I know. Milk with junky cough not a good idea, but nutrition superceeds my commitment to avoid dairy right now). Even the earlier twittered delish ICE CREAM I offered with the sneaky dose of steroids was given the "no thanks." Getting her to eat a single spoonful was pure toture, but GOD HELP ME, she was eating that entire spoon with all its blue "sprinkles!"

We're hoping for a not too late bedtime and the promise of an uninterrupted restful sleep for all three of us sounds like heaven.

I've got an ultrasound and a NST tomorrow afternoon back to back. It's amazing the difference a week makes. Today alone I cleaned the bathroom, got my daughter out in the slushy aftermath to go to the pediatrician, and vacuumed the downstairs. Now that the holidays have come and gone and the Soups are joined for a lifetime - yeah, I am beyond ready to meet this troublesome boy and cover his face with kisses for allowing us to be a family for the holidays and present at the most important day in his aunt and uncle's lives to date! So what I said before little man, I'm taking it all back, GET A MOVE ON!


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