the one I never got to write

I had this silly post planned for the day Connor was born. Auntie K was down visiting Sunday into Monday and the ladies had left the toddler and the daddy at home while we scored big at the Gymboree end of season sale. That sale could be a separate post in and of itself because THE DEALS!!! We suspect that the other shoppers were staring at us as we laid our armloads of cuteness overload on the counter to be culled down to a more reasonable level, though it was challenging to show restraint with such amazing price points. Auntie k acted as expert fashion consultant as we more closely examined the outfits we had snagged for Caroline. Perhaps the adrenaline from our big score helped push me into labor?

Or perhaps it was the hibachi dinner we had that night.

We thought it would be different and fun. We thought Caroline would really enjoy the “show” aspect of it. Right off the bat someone from another table was celebrating their birthday which meant that they needed to take this immense dragon head off the wall, make it dance, and place it on the birthday boy’s head ALL while banging the loudest GONG you have ever heard in your life about 15 times too many. For the rest of the meal, “Mommy, I no wear the dragon. I no like him.” That dragon head was directly behind her 50 feet away and yet she could not get the image of the scary dragon out of her head. Every two seconds, “no dragon, mommy.”

Our hibachi chef arrived and immediately shouted “SAKE TIME!” and attempted to squirt sake directly into my mouth. “I’m pregnant!” I shouted with my hand frantically waving the sake bottle away from my face. I think it was then that he labeled me “no fun.” Steve and Kerry rocked the sake time and definitely made up for my lack of participation. Next came flying zucchini. He tried to engage Caroline and flipped piece after piece directly into her forehead while she sat there, puss faced, unmoving, and clearly unimpressed.

Caroline watched bits and pieces of the show part of the meal and ate lots and lots of noodles. Our stranger dinner companions on the other end of the grill were very impressed with the way she twirled her noodles around her fork. I ate like it was my last meal, which is exactly what I did the night before I had Caroline. Another missed clue?

After dinner Kerry took her over to the other side of the restaurant and she enjoyed watching another chef set his onion volcano ablaze. Perhaps it was because she had already seen it that she was enjoying the second show more, or perhaps it was because it was at a nice safe distance. It didn't hurt that from that vantage point she could also keep a very close eye on the dragon.

Later she would tell us “that man threw food at my head” and that well, that made it all worthwhile.


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