Caroline woke up from her nap looking worse than ever. Steve and I both agree that this is the worst cold/cough she's ever had. She's like her mama; wants to be snuggled, coddled, taken care of and she is sporting what my father used to refer to as "sick eyes." Her cheeks are flushed and her fever is back up over 100. Her mood is good, her listening abilities downright suck, but I'm overlooking it as best as I can. School is an uncertainty tomorrow at this point, as is our family's ability to sleep through the night. I limited her nap to two hours this afternoon and I'm hoping we'll all be out cold by 8:30. Might be a pipe dream, but we like to dream big around these parts. I'd take a photo of the sadness, but it might make too many people cry because our poor girl looks downright miz.


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