The silence in the house today is deafening. Once we hit the holiday stride either Steve or Caroline or both of them have been home with me each day. With just one middle of the night wake up and a much happier little girl this morning who slept past 7am, we bit the bullet and sent her to school if even just for awhile. Mommy needed a nap and badly. So now I am sitting downstairs with lunch in front of me and the silence, it just sounds WRONG.

I spoke to my supervisor this morning and gotten some work that I should be able to do without much extra effort from home. I'm going to be checking in with her regularly for referrals and things that I can do via phone from the house and there is some mystery report that the granting agency is looking for that I should be able to squeeze a day's work out of. So there's that. It is hard to imagine that we thought we would have a baby before Christmas and now here we are. Macadamia is already more stubborn than his sister and until this experience I never thought that would be possible!

I've been dreaming about the boy, when I've been asleep long enough to dream about him. He's adorable of course, wearing blue newborn sized clothing and little hats. He's snuggling down deep into blankets the way his sister used to. I wake from these dreams content, smiling, and ready to meet him.


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