things that happened today

Caroline willingly exited her pajamas when I let her pick her own clothes out. Shockingly her choice was a tunic and leggings or as they are better known around these parts; a ballerina. She not only exited her pjs, but also completely dressed herself for the day INCLUDING that darn pull up.

I left her unsupervised for about 2 minutes while I “put my eyeballs in” (what I tell her I am doing when I put in my contacts and seeing it written, it sounds pretty scary!) and found her on the floor of our bedroom, makeup bag next to her, blush brush in hand, opened blush in the other, GIDDILY applying blush to her cheeks. Closer inspection revealed that she had also opened the mascara tube and had applied a long streak of black to her left temple.

Scored a used Snap ‘N Go in excellent condition at my consignment store for just $20.00. Cleaned it up, tried it with the car seat and I am supremely impressed with what a breeze my daycare drop off/pick ups will be with Little Man Mac in tow.

For excellent behavior at the consignment store we went and played trains at the local Barnes and Noble, until another little girl came to play at the train table with her mother and Caro suddenly became SHY. The mother of the other little girl, aged 2.5, stated that she could not wait for her to turn 3 because she anticipates it being so much easier. I laughed out loud.

I woke up at 4am due to an odd pressure/tightening/whatthehell in my abdomen. After multiple bathroom trips made in an attempt to better assess the situation I finally fell back asleep around 6. Could have been heartburn, indigestion, or contractions. It didn’t happen again all day, until I snuggled with Caroline on the couch post nap and suddenly felt the same sensation. I’m not that concerned, just curious.


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