Connor, wake up!

I announced to daycare this morning that the pull ups will not be making the trip to Boston with us and could they please push my headstrong daughter extra hard this week in the potty department. I was at the end of my rope yesterday afternoon with her because we have reached the point that despite our gentle, supportive reminders, offers to come with Mommy, and references to the remaining 4 of 5 spaces on the potty sticker chart she WILL NOT GET HER ACT TOGETHER. I continue to try to have patience, to understand that this is her executing control. I try to remind myself that most children learn how to do this when they are 3 and yet when I watch her remove her own wet diaper moments after she has peed I cannot help but get heated and annoyed and ok, a bit screamy. Her outright refusal to dash to the potty when we catch her creating a diaper of the smelly variety makes us batty. The timing is terrible, but enough is enough. I just learned that Pull Ups are not allowed for big girls in Massachusetts during the day. Someone better get on board the potty train because we leave in less than three weeks.

Enough about that because ugh.

Connor is now more than 21 days old. 21. He’s changing everyday and we’re seeing more and more of his slate blue eyes now that he is spending more time with them open. At this point Caroline was still drowning in my oversupply. She was fussy, booty, and pretty unhappy. With my efforts this time around to manage the milk, Connor is content, flirty, and easy going. He likes to be held when he is awake, but he can be tempted back to sleep with some time laying against your chest. While I wouldn’t say he has his day and night mixed up, I do have a hard time getting him back to sleep at least once in the middle of the night. Last night he was wide awake from 1:45 until after 4. That’s AM. I won’t complain because during that awake time he was happy as can be, just looking for some attention and snuggles. I read the rest of my book while snuggling with him and kept telling Steve to go back to sleep. He’s just so snuggly. He is also still working a pretty evil diaper rash that try WILL NOT go away. He’s getting changed every time his eyelids flutter open with a warm washcloth in place of wipes and a double dose of A+D plus Triple Paste. It seems to be getting tiny bit better, but OUCH. The bonus of the boy parts makes the diaper rash management just that much more challenging. Yesterday he got me once and the wall twice even with a cloth in place because I was so distracted with the rash care.

We continue to pack, organize, and pack some more. Steve brought a carload of boxes up to MA with him this morning to give to Kiki. The attic now contains luggage, empty boxes, two boxes of “future clothes” for the kids, and some files. We’ve packed just about everything we don’t use everyday and I’ve organized most everything else for easy packing up. We want the house to look lived in or I would literally have it all taped up in the garage. We’ve had some interest in the house, but only time will tell. After the Open House I looked around the house and thought, “I love this house.” It will be bittersweet to leave this place and all CT has meant to us behind.


  1. I can't imagine someone else living in YOUR house!!! :(

  2. Oh I hope once you get settled up here Caro finds her way to the potty. Connor sounds like an angel baby, and you're looking and sounding great. Nice work, Mama!