It’s been awhile since you’ve seen more than a sentence fragment, but it’s really for good reason. Things have been so wonderfully busy for us as we continue to settle into our new routine.
The biggest news of the week is that we have reached an agreement with a buyer for the house in CT. It is an ongoing process, one that we are relieved to be involved in. Plans to pack up the furniture and everything else remaining in the house are underway and we hadn’t anticipated that happening quite so soon.

We attended a BC Hockey game the very first weekend we were here. All day Caroline talked about Baldwin the Eagle and how she couldn’t wait to give him a high five. She was so excited that when we got there and discovered that it was Spring Break and Baldwin might not be coming as he was probably lazing about in Cancun in a tequila induced slumber I panicked, just a little. Stories were concocted. He and the band might have a terrible cold and they needed to rest, they might not make it to the game. Imagine our surprise and delight when he emerged right beside our section and made his way into the stands. I pointed him out with such gusto that I nearly smacked the woman seated in front of me right upside the head, but surely she would have understood. Baldwin was HERE! Caroline kept saying she saw him, nodding away with a forced smile on her face, but I knew she had no idea where to look… until he appeared suddenly at our row and made his way to our seats to say hello to her. She was ecstatic right? Fistpumpingly delighted right? Smile ear to ear for days right? Oh No. She was terrified, clutching to Steve for dear life, scared to even look in Baldwin’s direction, and she outright refused the high five. I raised Connor up and helped him give Baldwin a high five. Oh I didn’t mention that Connor, our 7 week old baby, was there too? Yeah. We’re clearly BC fanatics. Later on Baldwin was walking around near our section again and Caroline was brave enough to give a very forced high five. To hear her tell the tale is priceless because she can fully express her experience from initial fear to triumphant success. It should come as no surprise that that she told Steve as we left the arena, “that was so fun, I want to do it again.” It really was. She loved how into the game she was and I loved the many opportunities to hammer home not hitting as the players made their way to “time out” for hitting.

On Thursday Caroline had her first parks and rec toddler class. It was so nice to see her run wild, smile brightly, and sing along to some of her favorite finger plays. Mommy met a couple people too, which was a nice bonus. She enjoyed it so much that before anyone even said time to go she screamed, “I don’t want to go.” It’s nice to have this time set aside for her each week. I know she will enjoy it.

Friday we attended Auntie k’s book reading at the Newtonville Whole Foods. They will be reading there for the next few weeks at 10AM and locals should try to stop by. We read books, enjoyed some gluten free cookies with juice and did some coloring. The balloon was a bonus.

Yesterday Steve and I traveled with Connor down to CT to organize and bring more stuff north. Looking around Kiki and Steve’s basement I cannot imagine that there is anything left in our house, but there is still a tiny bit more. Garages and basements – they are the black holes of the house. Connor slept both ways, but was very unsettled while his two parents raced around trying to get done quickly to avoid driving through the monsoon. All that sleep left him bright eyed and smiley at 2AM and well, pretty much the rest of the night. So not only did Mother Nature take an hour of sleep away from us, but Connor took a few too. Somehow I pulled the ace and got the go ahead to sleep in, but don’t feel too badly for Steve. Despite repeatedly mentioning to him that he might want to take a nap, he’s happily sitting in the basement watching the Celtics.

We continue to settle in and I am hoping that with that settling in will come more opportunities to keep up with my writing here. I’ve had distractions at naptime like househunting, closing attorney calling, the job hunt, and completing various things to get my license back to good standing. Details.

Connor continues to open his eyes to the world and Caroline continues to want to show him every little thing. Moms of two – you’re right. Watching them together is the most heartmeltingly amazing part.


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