the buyers

because I don't care anymore.

I've held my tongue here about them because it didn't seem right or decent to complain about them, but after the events of this week, the gloves are off. I know that people in our old neighborhood have access to this blog and might read my rambling complaints. Perhaps they might form opinions before the buyers moved in or GASP tell them about the blog so that they can read all about how terrible I thought they were. So I have held back, but after this morning, that is not the case anymore, especially since when our realtors spoke this morning theirs said they pulling out of the deal. PULLING OUT OF THE DEAL. After three weeks of negotiating and us accomodating request after request.

They had their inspection on Saturday - almost a full week later than they were supposed to have it. We heard from neighbors and our realtors that they were GIDDY and so happy during the inspection. We expected a few hiccups on the report, but surely nothing big enough to end the deal. Imagine our shock when yesterday - five days after the inspection report was delivered to all parties - that this lovely couple decided that our water heater (which the inspector so wonderfully described as "failing") would need to be replaced. We already had a professional take a look and write us a quote to repair it and while it certainly needs the repair and probably only has a year left or so it doesn't NEED to be replaced. Am I wrong?

Every penny we put into the house is a loss for us, they know this, and yet they continue to ask for more and more and more. We were so furious last night that Steve almost walked, but when facing the prospect of months more paying a mortgage on a house we are not living in and essentially placing our family's life on hold for an indefinite period of time, we agreed to their demands. I told Steve, we don't want to be sitting her in September wishing we had just replaced the stupid water heater. We even gave them two options for the water heater replacement, but apparently overnight to consider a nearly 1000.00 price tag was asking for too much because yeah, they are pulling out of the deal. After we missed two potential weekends for open houses. After three weeks that the house has not been aggressively marketed. After 60 other houses have joined the market in our town in our price range.

I'm not sure what their plan is considering their assinine delay with us has placed them in a precarious position with their own housing. They are scheduled to close on the condo they currently live in mid April. Not sure what they have planned to do once that happens. Seems to me they are up shit's creek, but clearly I do not understand them or their thinking at all because their every action has been a complete mystery to us.

We are physically ill over this. We don't know what to even say anymore. We have been more than fair and they have this entitled first time homebuyer thing going on that makes me want to scream. or cry. or vomit. or all three. perhaps together.

I think it is fair to say we'll be drinking heavily this evening.


  1. Are u kidding me?!?! That is ridiculous and clearly a lame excuse for whatever else may be going on with them. Jerks!! Do drink heavily and then chin up -- your happy home is better without those $(($&@:s!!

  2. Oh no!! All I can say is we've been right there in real estate he'll and and still crossing our fingers for a close next month. You will get through this and kids are so resiliant it's amazing how Samantha and Jake have adjusted so well to all our craziness! If only we could do as well. And lastly, I agree with Amanda...JERKS!!!!!

  3. Ugh Kerri, what a nightmare and a headache you don't need! So sorry it fell through.