the collection

I tweeted just now that I hit the at home mom jackpot this afternoon. I am sitting here twiddling my thumbs while BOTH of my children snooze away. We had a busy day and I certainly pushed Caroline to the limits with all the mall walking she did. We needed baby wipes and after a particularly stressful day at home yesterday thanks to a certain someone who really preferred to be held all day thank you very much - yeah, we needed to get out of the house in a big way. The weather was supposed to be rainy so off we trekked to BJ's to replenish our wipe supply. While we were there I thought - hey, why not check out TJ's for an Easter outfit for Mr. Connor?

While I browsed the little girl dresses - has anyone NOT noticed that my daughter seems to wear her two tunics/"ballerinas" religiously. I literally cannot clean them fast enough for her. The navy one she has on today is so faded that you can tell just by looking at her that she loves it to DEATH. So I searched high and low for dresses dresses dresses and she has quite a collection of them for spring/summer. I can hardly wait for the weather to finally make up its mind because her closet is going to blow her mind.

So we're browsing and suddenly I pick her up and wham - poop. So out to the car we go where she bolts in front of me and I catch her hood with my pinky. The wind is blowing so furiously that carriages are careening into cars and she's screaming because she is WAY too big to be changed in the passenger seat and I'm all your head wouldn't hit the buckle like that if you POOPED ON THE POTTY. Sigh. So I strapped her into her seat, started feeding the baby and lectured her for the upteenth time about parking lot safety.

Off to "the collection" (which I cannot stop referring to) where we see the Easter Bunny keeping court and she refuses to look at him, let alone wave. "I don't want him to touch my head." um. ok. I walk her all the way to the food court for lunch. We cruise the entire new wing. We stop for Vanilla Bean Gelato that she graciously shares with me. We look at more dresses. We walk some more. and some more.

Both kids crashed in the car. I carried her into the house and she asked for a blanket to keep snoozing. I took all their spring clothes up from the basement. I hung the dresses on hangers in the closet. I cannot wait to see her face when she opens it. I cannot imagine what I will say to talk her outof wearing one. I honestly don't think I will.

The task of bringing the two of them out together is beyond challenging to wrap my head around, but today is evidence enough for me to do it more often. We are all so much better today. There were incidents of course, there always are, but the gelato and the converation we had over the gelato - yea - that was well worth my efforts and my shower sacrifice.


  1. Oh man, the emergency car diaper change. Anna's not even 2 and I can't imagine cramming her in there.

  2. seriously, it was not a pretty sight and by the end I was sweating profusely!

  3. Props to you. Getting two kids out of the house three years later is still a large chore and mine are both potty trained. So I admire you getting out there!