Hell or High Water

The buyers bailed. Let's just move on. It's not worth giving anymore of my time to. We're aggressively trying to snag another buyer.

Order has been restored now that Kiki and Papa have returned from their tropical getaway. We were so happy to hear that they had a lovely time and in their week long absence the little ConMan returned to his regular old adorable baby self. In fact, he's snoozing away in his swing right now, where he has been for three hours. When he is awake he is so chill and happy. Gone are the hours long jiggle/sway sessions. He's smiling lots and doing that adorable sucking in air baby laugh. He raises his left eyebrow in a suspicious look when we try a bit too hard to make him smile or if something we think he will marvel over turns out to be far less impressive. His chunka thighs are getting a workout from constant bicycle kicks. His personality is starting to shine through all the babyness and we are so glad to have him BACK.

We have entered day 4 of the potty stand-off with Caroline. I don't care to hear that I shouldn't push her, that she will do it when she is ready, or that she must not be ready yet. Thanks to those who sent along messages with tips and support. The cold turkey method seems to be the preferred avenue and we have embraced it. This morning we used the LAST diaper and Caroline announced that she would now pee and poop in her clothes when asked where the pee and poop should go. We've got her working with a timer now in just her undies and after 45 minutes this morning caught the first of the day pee in the potty successfully. It's thrilling to watch her turn beet red and exclaim with absolute crispness, "I don't want to go potty!" She completes this sass with a hand slap to her thigh for emphasis that seriously can go away any old time now. She shows all signs of readiness and at this point I am just not giving her a choice. The potty is the new normal and I don't care if we just moved, if she just welcomed a little brother or any other excuse I could use to make me feel better about having a smartie three year old who STILL needs me to wipe her very adult poop from her behind. I'm done. The line has been drawn in the sand and come hell or high water, I am winning this war.

She's in good spirits today. Agreeable even. The afternoon looms ahead and I hope to see some progress by day's end.


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