There is so much to write and so little time to write it. We packed. We scrambled. We moved. We left the life we created nearly four years ago in the rearview. I had anticipated some nostalgic moments; the last day home with Connor, last day home with both kids, the last meal in the house, the last night sleeping in our beds within the walls that have sheltered our little family through these past few years' many real and figurative storms. We got rushed out a bit at the end by an unanticipated showing and as I slid my key into the lock to close the door it all hit me; the time we've spent here, the good memories, the friends we'll miss, the life we built when we set out just us two to tackle the world. I sobbed into Steve's shoulder. Because I am Kerri. Because I can't help but be Miss Emotional. Because as much as it never really felt like home, Connecticut represented to Steve and I what we were capable of accomplishing.

When we drove down to CT at the start of the summer of 2006 we drove ourselves in two separate cars. My only companion on that long ride was Reese complaining non-stop at the injustice of being forced into a carrier. In 2010 on the cusp of winter and spring we again drove two separate cars, minus one cat. My car contained two new people. Two entirely new people! I looked into the mirror to keep watch on my son's due to end any moment now nap. I handed snacks and movies into the backseat for my three year old baby girl. Life has changed so much and yet when we arrived here in MA, it felt like we really had just pressed play to bring ourselves back to present time. Everything fast forwarded. Some of the players had changed, but life had barely hiccupped. It was like it always was. It just felt right. It still feels right.

We've completely overwhelmed my in-laws with the massive amounts of boxes now stacked high in their basement. They have been incredibly accommodating and I don't just mean with their personal space. We are so aware of how fortunate we are.

So we're settling in. Life keeps moving along. We celebrated Steve's 32nd birthday with amazing crockpot jambalaya, if I do say so myself. We're hopeful that we might get a serious bite on our house soon. This morning we toured an amazing daycare center that has wide open spaces to encourage gross motor, a covered outdoor playspace to ensure that even on the crappy days the kids get some air, and a room just for dramatic play. Caroline spent time in the room she could potentially join and not only is it 3 times the size of the space her old school room occupied, but it has it's very own bathroom. I sent off the paperwork and application fee this afternoon to get my license to practice reinstated. Caroline is signed up for a parks and rec tumble time on Thursdays. We're starting the next chapter and it holds such amazing promise.

On the ride over to Auntie C and Hokie's new house the other day I looked at Steve and said, "I feel like I can breathe again." After all the challenges the last 12 months have brought and the incredible stress of the most recent 2, we realized we've been holding our collective breath. We can finally exhale.


  1. Ahh, I look forward to feeling like I can really breathe again! CT will miss you. We will send some vibes for a speedy house sale, but of course, they won't be our specific vibes as we haven't had any luck with our sale!

  2. I'm so glad you're breathing easier again. Being where you're meant to be is just such a good thing.

  3. I love this post, Ker. I was just thinking of emailing you because I felt disconnected and wanted to make sure you guys were okay, but this post took care of that.

    So glad you're "home" even if it means further from us. Congratulations on getting back to where you can breathe.