Zantac, you’re amazing. Connor has been taking twice daily squirts of Zantac from a syringe for four days and he is back to his old snuggly impish self. That is to say – he is spending far less time screaming and our legs and backs are far more rested thanks to our being able to sit. It’s a beautiful thing to wrap him in a blanket and lay him in the papasan seat to snooze for a bit. We’re back to slapping each other on the back for creating the most perfect little creature, second to Caroline of course.

We won’t be sharing any of the nighttime specifics because as soon as I shout them out on the internet our world will completely flip flop and the woe!

I’m having trouble carving out time to blog. We had such a concrete routine at home that posting was just a regular part of my everyday. Not only do we not yet have a routine, but I am now juggling the needs of two kids, one of whom cannot yet sit up on his own. If I could learn to type with just one hand while listening to someone snore in my ear there would be updates everyday, but that just isn’t the case. When I have a break in my day the blog just isn’t the first place I am getting to. I’m putting my feet up. I’m eating lunch or sometimes second lunch. I’m searching for jobs. I’m wringing my hands about the housing market up here. There are BIDDING WARS. Things are going on the first day they come onto the market. It’s a great sign for the economy, but it’s a little nerve-wracking as a buyer. The moment you walk into a house around these parts you’ve got to be thinking, could I live here? Do I love it enough to put in an offer RIGHT NOW? For all the stress it’s causing Steve, I am very much enjoying looking at all the options out there. The nosy lady in me loves to peek behind the closed doors of strangers' family life.

We got through our inspection on the house in CT and hope to get the Purchase and Sale signed later this week. The buyers are a young couple just starting out and there is something really nice about imagining them starting their life together in our house, filling it up with new memories.

... and a little Caro moment because lately she is a total crack up. She looks at me and does this sucking in her breath laughy thing and tells me how funny she is. She relays her day with amazing detail and she's even started repeating things we would rather she not say, but that is another post entirely.

We went to Five Guys for lunch yesterday and I made the error of reading aloud the Easter Bunny sign at a local mall. Caroline was simultaneously ecstatic and scared out of her everliving mind that the Easter Bunny is coming. His saving grace is that he will be bringing candy and this has created such a situation in our Caroline's mind because - a 6 foot tall scary bunny - who will leave a basket of candy. From the backseat, “Mommy, you go tell the Easter Bunny that Caroline wants to talk to him so he doesn’t touch me?” Her vocab has SKYROCKETED since we got here. Its more than sentences, its stories these days. I relish the moments I have to spend focused JUST on her, listening to her latest tall tale. We got her a library card and she’s been reading/memorizing goodies like "If you give a moose a muffin." I’ve happily read The Giving Tree no less than 567 times. Things here –they are so much better than just good.

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  1. I'm so happy to read this post! And, if baby Zantac works half as well on babies as it has during both my pregnancies, I have no doubts Connor is feeling a billion times better. What great news!