she's just like mommy

We've had some successes and some accidents, but we're positively plodding along in the potty arena. Caroline is so proud of herself when she's successful. She alternates between outrage and reluctant acceptance when the timer dings to sit for another five minutes. This girl has BLADDER CONTROL. She went from just before 9am till past 4pm yesterday without peeing. I didn't think that was humanly possible and yet, she did. This morning she peed within two minutes of sitting down and if that isn't progress I don't know what is.

Caroline is at the gym with Kiki right now. I showered, made up a song for Connor, and reset the house by putting as much of the toys, blankets, burp cloths, dolls, books, and diapers in order. Connor is sleeping the morning away in his room. It's the first time I've been able to successfully nap him in his room, albeit in his bucket seat per order of Dr. Rachel. The boy we had two weeks ago would never have napped in his room. Sleeping him in his own space like a normal baby seemed impossible and yet here we are. God bless you Zantac.

As I scurried around putting this and that away and out of sight I realized she is being such a little mommy. Her dolls bibs are carefully stowed away on the handles of her baby doll's strollers. Katie has been resting on the boppy covered in her pink blanket. Even Katie's "used" diapers are rolled up, their "contents" secured safely within by the sticky tabs. She alternates between "body feeding" and bottle feeding her baby. She's quite an adept little mother. Caroline has yet to show a single ounce of resentment or anger towards her baby brother. She'll occasionally join in the chorus of tears when he gets a bit worked up, but we can tell it is because she is sad for him. Until he starts gnawing on Katie's leg I think she'll be pretty tolerant of him. Right now she could not be more loving or attentive. She gently pets his face and runs her hand along the crown of his head. She pinches his cheek just a tiny bit saying "ah goo" to get him to smile at her. She kisses him goodnight before she goes to bed and asks him in the morning "how you sleep?"

Right now she's got Katie sleeping in her shopping cart, covered sweetly by a blanket. "Mommy, look at Katie, look at her sleeping!"

and that song... I had one for Caroline too...

Wee Little Connor McSomething
he kicks his feet all day

he grows from his feet to the top of his head
we think his hair might be quite red

Wee Little Connor McSomething
Irish boy of mine


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