Battle Bottle Round II

Caroline struggled with the bottle. In her case it wasn't that we waited too long, but that we were honest to God giving her the medela bottle nipple UPSIDE down. Yup. Upside down. She got it eventually and before we knew it she was holding her own bottle and going to town.

As I sat among boxes in CT I decided in our last week there when Connor was 5 weeks old that I should probably give him a bottle. He didn't love it, but he got it. Then we moved home and I was pumping and worried about oversupply and reflux and juggling the two of them and never anticipating a meal before, "well, would you look at that it has already been 3 hours!" o' clock. So it should come as no surprise that when I defrosted some pumped milk for Auntie k's birthday celebration that it didn't go so well at the dinner table smack dab in the middle of Maggiano's. A sea of onlookers heard my poor Connor screaming bloody murder as no less than 4 of us tried to convince him that the bottle was not in fact poisoned, but contained the same milk he's been enjoying since day uno. Steve's Aunt Joanie kindly leaned over to me and told me that they had a very nice restroom downstairs and I took that as both the cue and my permission to give it up and feed him myself. So I've been working on it.

Connor struggled initially with nursing; latching and then seemingly not knowing what to do next. I'd finally suceed in getting him going and he would stall and I would sigh deeply and plead with my baby boy to EAT. Now he's a chowhound, hello nearly 15 pound butterball. I in no way am worried about his eating, he's gaining well and along his 50% curve, but it would be nice to know he can take a bottle so I can be away from him for more than 3 hours. He keeps gagging himself on the nipple of the Dr. Brown bottles, so we tried the Medela ones today with more success despite a good amount of scream and how dare you!? thrown in for good measure.

That bottle pictured above is the positive results of not one, but two attempts to feed him a single ounce of expressed milk. Kiki worked hard for the first half at 4 pm and I convinced him later with his bedtime meal and with very little commotion that this bottle thing could actually be ok.

We battle on.


  1. We did the best with the soothie bottles. My girls never liked the Medela ones despite them both being champion nursers.

    And YAY for Caroline on the potty training!

  2. Eileen5:58 PM

    I'm keenly aware of how difficult this can be. We tried no less than 7 different types of bottles. In the end, we settled with 'Born Free.'I have heard good things about the 'First Years Breastflow' bottle, but alas had no success with my little girl. Good luck!