I posted a little recap of the shopping spree over on McDeals & $teals. I did quite well, despite having a small anxiety attack over prices and not being able to let myself fully enjoy the shop til you drop experience. I think Steve may have been more surprised than I was at my reluctance to spend. I am coping with a teensy bit of buyer's remorse this morning, but I am trying to just enjoy that not only did I prioritize myself, but my spouse reminded me that I am important too.

At the outlets I found it difficult to avoid looking at the children's stores and even at Converse we had to walk briskly away from the teeny tiny chucks. As a mom I put my kids first and since their constant and amazing growth requires a new wardrobe every season, or in the case of Connor every couple months, it has been easy for my own clothing requirements to fall by the wayside. I've got some good staples, but I hardly feel like Victoria Beckham when I do gussy myself up a bit. This isn't that far of a stretch from pre-baby Kerri. Sure, I shopped, but I never really had a style that was unique to me and at 32… I think it's time for mommy to find some sort of style for herself. For me wardrobe, accessories and even make up make me cringe a little because I am piteously CLUELESS.

Yesterday gave me permission to think about the Kerri I want the world to see. It allowed me to consider carefully not just my image, but how best to feel confident and still be able to sit in the dirt at the playground without cringing that I just ruined a pair of dry clean only pants. It let me feel like more than just Caroline and Connor's mom, but to feel like Steve's holy crap she lost her baby weight fast wife. I'm just a girl afterall and aren't we all allowed to feel a little sassy, to wear skirts, to put on a new pair of shoes and feel like we can take on the world?


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