His name is EASTER BUNNY

Connor's first and Caroline's fourth Easter went smashingly. She was so excited for the big bunny to come to her house and bring her CANDY - but this year she had questions. She wanted to know how he would get inside - we'll leave the door unlocked. Wouldn't he hit his ears on the ceiling on his way in - we'd write a note to remind him to duck his ears. Could we make him some carrots - carrots grow in the ground, we don't make them, but he'd sure love to eat a few on his way out the door to visit the other kids. She "wrote" him a note to remind him to duck those ears and she was so happy when he wrote her a little note back. Her basket was heavy on the art supplies and light on the sugar, but she did not seem to mind. She got right down to business drawing with her "colors."

We enjoyed a lovely afternoon in Western MA at Nana and Granda's house. Granda hid some eggs and escorted her around the yard to locate each and every one. The dinner was delish with some old Polish favorites tossed in because it was EASTER afterall. Caroline got into a heated debate with her great grandmother Rose about the name of her new stuffed bunny. Caro insisted his name was Easter Bunny and Rose argued it was Peter Cottontail. "No, not Peter, EASTER BUNNY!" She didn't nap, she ran all day, she crashed during the meal, she got a little to fiesty with Nana and ended up elbowing Steve in the eye by accident, she sassed, she sat in timeout, she perfected her new maniacal laughter, and she had an absolutely perfect day. Dry all day - not one single accident. Not even during the 2.5 hour ride back in the Easter traffic. We couldn't be more proud of her.

Here are some recent shots - she is a total photo ham these days when she is in the mood. It's fun to take her photo and she loves posing with Connor.

Kids April 2010

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