the last you shall hear of potty training for at least 2 years

I put it all out there are all to see over twitter. My disdain for the three year old's diaper had reached the point of no return...

"I swear to God if I have to change one more poopy diaper of a smug faced kid who sings "I pooped" at me again I am going to lose it."
9:31 AM Mar 26th via Tweeterena

"Let her do it on her own time my ass. It's disgusting and I am done."
9:31 AM Mar 26th via Tweeterena

"We are in a potty standoff. Going on an hour here."
10:43 AM Mar 26th via Tweeterena

"Good news bad news. After 90 minutes Caro peed and then the realtor called to say the buyers pulled out. Barf."
12:58 PM Mar 26th via Tweeterena

"Connor is sleeping like a real baby and Caroline has had two successful potty trips today. Monday you're flying by."
3:15 PM Mar 29th via Tweeterena

"Successful potty first thing this am. Dry all the way to her nap. The Con Man is on his third outfit of the day and not bc he's fashionable."
12:50 PM Mar 30th via Tweeterena

"For those keeping track: dry all day, three successful pees and one pair of poopy undies. This has been the longest week. we are SOO close."
4:34 PM Apr 1st via Tweeterena

"Also, when did my life become all about someone else's bowels?"
4:35 PM Apr 1st via Tweeterena

"Attention! Caroline just peed on the potty solo, as in she decided to go all by herself with no reminder. Three weeks, but wow, she's got it."
4:00 PM Apr 13th via Tweeterena

... and we haven't looked back. It started off ugly, with a tearful preschooler's rear end crimson from the potty seat, me seated directly across from her resting my back against the cabinets and an oblivious Connor ahgooing from his papasan chair. She cried. She begged me to get off. She slapped her thigh for emphasis in her repeated "I don't want to go potty." It was clear to me then that the battle line had been drawn. There was no going back. If I let her off that seat without producing something, ANYTHING, I would be handing over the control and power to a tiny three year old. I was at the end of my rope - I was done being manipulated and done with the icky feeling that I knew she was capable of training but was unwilling to try for whatever ridiculous reason. What better time than when I was home with her 24/7 and could see this thing through despite the terrible timing with all the insane change in my little President of the "I Hate Change" club. 90 minutes we sat there toe to toe. 90 minutes. An eternity for someone her age. She finally peed and on we went with our day, but the change was coming and we would battle on.

Kiki arrived home from Turks and Caicos the very next night and she found herself smack dab in the middle of the Potty Patrol. She even found an amazing timer which we utilized to get the trainee to her chair every 20 minutes. Caro started responding to the ding, getting herself to the potty when it went off, standing up only when it dinged again. She had some successes, some misses, but we forged ahead. It was the longest week of my life. I think it was the longest week in Kiki's life too and I could not have gotten through it without her encouragement and support. A week in she was 30% there, with us seemingly only happening to catch her when she needed to go.

On Monday afternoon I went upstairs with Connor to change his bulging diaper. Kiki was downstairs in the solarium (it sounds good Keeks!). Caroline emerged from the kitchen, pants around her ankles, to tell Kiki that she had peed. We always make a big deal, remind her what a big girl she is, so she's often telling SOMEONE that she peed, even if it happened hours ago. She's that proud of herself. So Kiki cheered her on and then I came around the corner from my diaper duty and she announced it again. The adults realized that she had gotten herself to the potty all on her own, without anyone reminding her, without a timer dinging.

She's been more or less dry, with only a hanful of accidents in the last week. She sits and goes almost immediately if she has to and if she hasn't gone in the first couple minutes we know she really doesn't have to go. It's amazing! We're still trying to jump the OTHER hurdle, but we'll get there.

You know what the best part of the whole thing is? It isn't the diaper savings. It isn't even that fact that I have less diapers to change. It's the pride you can see in her face when she does it. She is happier. She feels like such a big kid now and I know that this has done wonders for her blooming self-esteem. She doesn't want to just pee on the potty herself, she wants to put herself up for her quiet time ALONE, she wants to do everything BY HERSELF. She's more independent in every facet of her life and I am so happy for her. In the end, she was the one I wanted this for most of all. I want her to the feel like the big kid she is and she finally does.

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  1. Kudos to you AND're going to get there! I don't even want to think what it's going to be like with our own King of Stubborn. I shall stock up on M&Ms now...