So I should be typing away like a fiend to tell you how much my daughter loved the BC Football Annual Spring Game this afternoon. She enjoyed face painting, a round in the bounce house and of course FOOTBALL. Girl loves herself some football. I also should be admitting in schmarmy detail that on the way to the game this afternoon as I followed Steve in the other car (the one we brought in case of child emergency requiring a swift exit) I actually got a bit misty eyed. Just another reminder that we are back right? EXCEPT NO. We didn't have to plan an entire weekend around this game. I didn't have to pack myself and two children, a weekend's worth of diapers, no list to write and check off, and we didn't have to drive 6 hours round trip to attend and that just makes a girl happy. BONUS: Saw lots of people we care about. It was so much fun and I think the McFam will be making the Anuual Spring Game an Annual Event.

So I could type about all that, but instead let's talk about the most exciting part of MY weekend and not the highlight of Steve's entire month.

Sunday afternoon Steve is taking me shopping. He is actually encouraging me to SPEND money... on MYSELF. It's my birthday gift from him, on top of a lovely dinner out just us two and some yoga attire I adore mostly because it makes my rear end look like half of itself. I spent last summer rapidly gaining weight and the summer before that I didn't really care.

I quizzed some ladies about what exactly I should be looking for on my shopping trip because I am pretty much fashion clueless. I haven't bought new shoes in an absurd amount of time and the piecemeal shopping I do for myself doesn't exactly present a cohesive look. I declared it to be the summer of the dress because why should my adorable daughter be the only one wearing ballerinas??

Here's my hit list: (isn't this fun???)

a denim skirt
ts and tanks to mix and match with
- bermuda shorts
- A line skirts in fun prints
leather sandals
a white cardigan

Someone slept through the ENTIRE football game and after enjoying a meal in the car was not so sure (ie pretty darn sure) that the car ride home was a good idea. Neither static, nor singing, nor shaking the car seat produced a quiet baby and so I swung into the Marshalls parking lot on my way home. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I wasn't really shopping, just browsing with him on my shoulder. The colors excited him. The crowd adored him. His breathing evened and he helped me pick out a super cute A line skirt and an equally adorable baby blue tank. check and check.

Look for the update post over on McSteals because while I am planning to locate and purchase EVERY item on my list, I am also planning to do it on a $150.00 budget.

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  1. I'm excited and curious to hear about your finds because I am basically in the same boat as you. I'm not quite ready yet to hit the stores, a few more pounds to lose and a closet to clean out first. Then the "to buy" list. But my budget will be very similar! Good luck today!