a quick catch-up

Connor was sad, Daddy came home, we celebrated Auntie k's birthday and we got word that we had a great open house in CT. How was your weekend??

Early last week Connor started having trouble staying down for his naps and he seemed a bit unsettled overall. I called the pedi and got the ok to move up his zantac dose a bit. By Wednesday night he endured an hours long stretch of unhappy discomfort. We got him into see Dr. Rachel Thursday and she moved his dose way up. By Friday our little ConMan was on his way back to himself. Zantac=miracle elixir. That smile in the post below is proof positive. He's cooing all the time now and this morning when I popped out of the shower I found him staring at his feet. I am not sure he knows they are attached to his body, but he found them nonetheless. He's really into his hands now and if he isn't turning them around one another like a mad scientist plotting his evil plot, you can find at least one of them completely in his mouth. His eyes are still a mystery – some days they are blue, others a deep grey. If you chat with him he is sure to raise his left eyebrow at you. His hair is starting to come back too – it looks pretty dark, but we'll see. He's a true delight.

Steve was away three days for a work conference where he received a Sales Excellence award for all his hard work. I couldn't be more proud of him. He works hard. He is so committed. He did what he needed to do to get us back in MA and he deserved it! We were happy to have him back – the kids definitely missed him.

Caroline practiced singing Happy Birthday in honor of Auntie K's entrance into a new decade. We enjoyed a special night out with her, kids included at Maggiano's and drinks at the W. Caroline danced like a fool at the hotel and while we did have a baby… in a bar… we were so happy to share the occasion with her. Kids were jammied up for the ride home, but Caroline was far too excited to snooze in the car. Between her obsession with dresses and her overzealous dancing, I'd say she is going to be one hot ticket. I am preparing myself now for what surely lies ahead.

We had about 15 people come and see the house on Sunday, with a few hot prospects, so we are hoping to lock this thing up in time for the first time homebuyer's credit. It would be nice to have that off our plate – but as we continue our house hunt up here – we really do wish more and more that we could just load the house up onto a truck and move it north because it really is such a great little house.

I realized this weekend that Connor has lived in MA longer than he lived in CT and for whatever reason that realization hit me hard. The life we had there seems so long ago and yet. It will be strange to go back down and pack up the remaining pieces of that long ago life. I wonder what Caroline will say when she sees it again? Or should we not bring her back? Life continues up here in MA at a frenetic pace, the two kids are keeping me on my toes. We're enjoying all the wonderful things about spring, like ice cream for lunch when you realize you forgot to feed the elder child.

Caroline has been out coloring with sidewalk chalk, learning how to hopscotch, playing independently at the playground, doing the dead man "I don't want to leave go ahead and make me" at the playground, reading Angelina Ballerina, taking care of her baby Katie, and challenging all of us to Wii skateboarding. She cannot get enough of that Wii! I just discovered how to create personalized workouts, so watch out. I might be bikini ready this July 3rd afterall.


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