I feel badly typing this imagining Caroline's future prom date stumbling upon this post somehow, but this just HAS to be shared. Girlfriend POOPED in a port-a-potty at the playground yesterday and today she PEED. She gets it! She knows when she has to go, she tells us, and she goes. We are all so proud of her and it is just so amazing to watch her stop swinging or going down the slide to take care of herself. All the women present and all we've told since have said the same thing; "I don't think I've EVER done that!" regarding the number two success.

Since I last wrote we went to the Marathon with Auntie k and Kiki via Auntie's amazing viewing spot, met Noah down in CT (he's perfection Amanda!), and we've been to the playground pretty much every day this week. Caroline was a little shy at the Marathon, mouthing the word yay instead of shouting it with gusto. When it was time to leave she cried because who doesn't love watching 20,000 people race by each with an inspirational story to share no doubt? She later relayed stories of the day to Daddy and Papa about how auntie handed out aquafor to the runners. Yes, aquafor, who knew. It was a huge hit! Over the weekend we went back to CT to check on the house and despite finding a few things amiss it was nice to spend some time in our old surroundings, even if we were both mad when we opened the door. Those darn buyers from a month ago still get under our skin. We got to hang with the Lobans and Tom & Ann & Tommy. We miss both families so very much. Caroline is fighting sleep upstairs from an exciting afternoon at the playground and Connor is sitting in his Bumbo seat eating a burp cloth. He spends so much time in that seat these days, which is fortunate considering he isn't too keen on the tummy time still. Poor baby and his reflux.

Connor's smile upturns first at the left side and then the right catches up. His eyes are wide and he is taking in the world around him in huge gulps. Caroline loves him so much it honestly pains me to watch them together sometimes. She wants to hug him and kiss him and she knows that of all the people in his life, he loves looking at her most of all. She's been sassy this week, testing us at every opportunity. She's sharing crazy details of her everyday and saying things that seem too grown up to come from my baby girl's mouth. She swings on the big swings now and delights in laying on her belly to fly back and forth, "yeehawing" all the way.


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