Segments of Time

My nighttime is split into segments of time; sleep time, nursing time, getting a baby back to bed time. On any given night I am not sure what the ratio will be between these different segments of time. Some nights I wake up astonished that so much time has gone by, others I am bewildered to discover that it is not much later than it was the last time I pried my eyelids open and put my glasses on to see the clock. Last night Connor woke up at just before 2 for a midnight snack. I got him back to bed, got myself back to sleep and suddenly heard Caroline calling for me around 3am. Instantly I thought the worst; she's sick, she's had a terrible nightmare. Instead I was greeted by a wide awake happy girl telling me all about how the chickens had been clucking at her. I later figured out she meant the turkeys which had somehow made their way to the top of the very tall tree across the road where they gobbled all through the night. Perhaps she had heard them? I invited her to join us in our bed to calm down for a bit. Usually she just needs a bit of time to relax and she'll go back to her own bed to rest the remainder of the night. She hardly ever does this and it usually only happens when she is sick, so you can imagine my confusion. At 4ish Connor woke up again and Steve put her back into her own bed. Con Man was having some trouble getting back to sleep and didn't actually make it to his bed until nearly 5, but he did make it back to his own bed so I'm calling that a win. Wouldn't you know that she NEVER went back to sleep and was now calling for us again from her room. She had been in there for an hour just lying there quietly. Doing what exactly? Staring at the ceiling? Counting sheep? Steve went to lay with her and ended up falling asleep in her room with her and wasn't Kiki surprised this morning when she went in to check on her to see Steve sharing her bed! Thankfully we were able to sleep in a bit this morning because the panic I felt at 5 when both of them were still awake was intense. You just never know about the ratio of those nighttime segments of time and just when you think you do…

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  1. Not getting the sleep you expect physically hurts, and then it stays with you for the next couple of days. Ugh.