Since Connor was born we have swaddled him tightly for each nap, each evening, after each midnight snack. He's always been a very active sleeper and we noticed right away that his little arms flapping and his legs kicking was keeping him awake or waking him up. By the light of the video monitor at some ungodly hour I would watch his body jerk awake as I laid him down on the blanket and watch his eyes roll back, his body relax as the flannel blanket tightened around him.

He's four and a half months old now. He's getting too big for swaddling. He'll be moving soon and it could present a dangerous situation if we do not break him of his little swaddle habit.

On Thursday after Dr. Rachel's stern warning, I threw caution to the wind and let him sleep unswaddled in a sleep sack overnight. He didn't sleep through the night (because HAHAHAHA that's NEVER happened), but he didn't sleep any differently, even going back to sleep without a peep. My first thoughts on Friday morning were "wow, he doesn't need that swaddle, what a silly Mother I have been to keep him restrained like that for soo long. I am sure he is so much happier now."

And then he stopped sleeping and silly stupid Mommy didn't think, "hmmmmm, could it be that swaddle?"

Last night after three nights of put down, wake up, put down, wake up at bedtime, I pulled the old swaddle routine out of my back pocket where I had tucked it - away, but not far enough away to never go back. He slept from 9:30 to 11:30 after eating a 7. That was over four hours since his last feast and while that might seem to some to be a cat nap, four hours for Connor is a really nice nighttime snooze (those bags under my eyes aren't for nuthin'). He went back to his bed swaddled with little resistance (ok, a little, but the MAGIC of that swaddle!) until 1:30 when he woke up to eat again and when I tried the same trick at 2am to get him back to sleep it was a no go. A girl can only put down, get up every 10 minutes for so long in the middle of the night and he was once again in bed with us at around 2:30am. It's an improvement on last night and the night before, so I'm hopeful that it will keep getting a little better each night. I am trying to keep the Wonder Weeks info in the back of my head, remembering through this all that he is working on learning something amazing right now and my role is just to support him through it - give him all I got - knowing that on the other end it is very likely we'll get our Connor back.

In the meantime, I'm scoping deals on those Aden and Anais swaddle blankets because they are up to 7 inches longer in each direction than the largest one we have now. The best I can find is here with a 15% off coupon that arrived this am. Clearly, I'm not giving up the swaddle anytime soon and I'm justifying that these would be great blankets for the beach - light, airy, yet covered!

He just woke up from a swaddled nap that lasted a whopping 20 minutes and now he is seated in the Bumbo his chunky thighs are quickly outgrowing rubbing his tired eyes. Seriously kid, I know you don't get it yet, but the world will still be here when you wake up. It will still be amazing and I want to show it all to you - after your nap.


Oh sweet sleep. We are in week 18, on the brink of a developmental leap week according to Wonder Weeks . Connor is clingy, more tearful, and he has nearly given up sleeping altogether. Over the weekend he started having trouble getting to sleep, but he struggled even more to stay asleep. We're talking twenty to get him down, sleep for twenty, awake and screaming, get him down for twenty, sleep for twenty, awake and screaming and repeat ad nauseum. Sunday and Monday nights I eventually just gave up out of utter exhaustion and took him into bed with us and wouldn't you know it - he slept, waking up only to eat. I'm ok with it for now because if I didn't accept this option as good enough for right now, I wouldn't be sleeping and he wouldn't be sleeping and no one would be happy. My back and neck are a bit sore from the mama bear hug I kept him in and while I did sleep, it was not the sleep I needed because it was practically with one eye open just in case.

If you can overlook all that insanity - he's wonderful. He's getting so big and he really is getting excited about the world around him. When he allows me a moment I can hardly take my eyes off him, sitting there in his bouncer, twirling in a circle, delighting himself that HE JUST MADE THAT HAPPEN!

Caroline spent the day with Kiki at the beach today and it was so nice to know that she was at her most favorite place in the whole world enjoying such a beautiful day. Didn't hurt that she got to feel super special because she was there with Kiki all by herself. I'm sure she's dreaming about the sun and sand.

Steve also pointed out that I have been neglecting McChow, so you will find two new recipes over there now and more to come.


Petting Zoo - Check

It wasn't planned that way though. I looked up petting zoos near the beach in case of cooler or inclement weather this weekend just in case. I did not actually intend to go, but it's always a good idea to have an amazing  plan b. I know what you're thinking, "but kerri, the weather was gorgeous on Saturday!" You'd be right, but you would not have been in the car with the two kids on the way home from the beach. If you had, I guarantee you too would have pulled off Route 3 and made a random pit stop at a petting zoo.

Connor hates the car. He hates it more than having his nails filed. He hates it more than taking his Zantac. That's a lot of hate. I time my car rides with his sleep schedule. As in, "quick, he's getting sleepy, let's all hop in the car this very instant!" It couldn't be that bad you say? Ohhh, but it could. It could be so terrible that you might want to take your cell phone earpiece wire and strangle yourself with it while driving because the screaming, make it stop for the love of god. It's awful and the one I feel worst for in the whole situation is my poor sweet Caroline who sticks her fingers in her ears and looks at me woefully.

Connor fell asleep ahead of schedule and I packed up our belongings like a mad woman and made for the hills. If I had waited he would have been awake when we left meaning he would no longer have been tired and I have learned the hard way not to chance a long ride with a potentially wide awake Connor. You just DON'T DO IT! EVER! Despite my attempt to take advantage of his slumber, he was awake before we hit the main drag and I looked back at Caroline and told her over the static on the radio that was having no effect on the screaming, "I have a plan Caroline, don't worry." Ten minutes later we pulled into a lot we'd never been to before. I gave the baby a snack, put him into the Bjorn, grabbed the camera, and off we went to meet some goats, a scary turkey, pet some rabbits, and even nuzzle a donkey or two. At first she stayed behind me, but once she met the cute bunnies, she was all about checking out all the animals. She cried when we left, so I got her ice cream, mostly because I wanted to stall the screamer and the more time spent out of the car, the better the odds of him falling back asleep for the rest of the ride.

It didn't work that way. He screamed from the moment we drove out of the gravel parking lot until about two minutes from Kiki and Papa's house. Solidly. For about 30 minutes. Somewhere on that stretch of highway tears started rolling out of my eyes because I knew there was nothing I could do to make him feel better. I was powerless to do anything. I knew that stopping would only temporarily help and the second we were moving again the screaming would begin anew, with new vigor, with more volume, with more screech. I reached my hand back to Caroline's car seat and told her through my tears that I was sorry.

My three year old grasped my hand, rubbed the back of it with her other hand, told me that it would be okay, not to be sad, that we were almost home and Daddy would give me a hug and make me feel better. My three year old, I just love that girl.

Yard sale!!!

To the beach!!!

Post embarassing alarm sitch'

Hey, soul sister

Might be the first song from the radio she knows

his tiny grasp

Connor had his 4 month visit today, 15lbs 4 oz (you were right Erin, he wasn't even close to 17, but he sure feels and looks like it doesn't he???) and 25 inches, just over 50% in each category. His head shape is "beautiful," which was a concern given that he spent many a night in his infant seat. We upped his Zantac dose to represent his new weight, which will hopefully keep Ricky out of the picture for awhile.  She advised us to break him of his swaddle habit because though he isn't moving now, he will be soon. I've been torn with this because while I know we can't swaddle him forever, he seems to sleep so much better with it because he moves his arms an awful lot while he is sleeping and he wakes himself up. So tonight as I lingered in his room when he fell asleep and he wiggled himself awake trying to get his hands free. I'm crossing my fingers that tonight was in actuality the best night to actually attempt the deswaddling. The Dr. gave us the go ahead to start trying cereal with him as tolerated, which is exciting and oh my  GOD how exactly have we arrived at this insane big boy milestone???

Four month visits mean vaccines and though he only got one shot this time, he was more tired than usual and likewise more fussy. It took him some time to settle down for the night and while I stood with him on my shoulder feeling the weight of him sink into my chest, I tried to just be in the moment with this tiny human who is changing before my very eyes. This week he has woken up tenfold. He watches me move through my day - applying moisturizer; his eyes move from my hand to the bottle, to my hand, to my face, to the bottle again. His new placement on my hip gives him a new view and he's using it to his full advantage observing the world around him in a brand new way. I suspect he's been starting to observe things in this way for a few days now, but I became very aware of it today. Preparing Caroline's lunch - he peered into the fridge with wonderment in his eyes, he blinked as I pressed the microwave buttons, he looked down as the fork scraped along her plate. Isn't it amazing to watch them wake up? One day he is blissfully unaware and the next he is zoned in on every little detail.

Connor typically falls asleep on my shoulder, his eyes getting heavier and heavier. With his new found delight in the world around him, I've noticed it has been taking more and more time on my shoulder for him to drift off and I have started moving him into more of a cradle position when I feel that weight change. That might sound simple, but this baby's reflux has made it completely impossible for me to cradle hold him. When I turn the world around him off his eyes get heavy, but the move that seals the deal is an awkward hand hold I pull off. His tiny hand grasps my pointer with its titan grip. Each time I try to remove my finger he pulls back, as if to say, "No Mommy, not yet, I'm not ready." Tonight I sat for a bit longer in that tiny grasp, unaware of the time save for a chiming clock, knowing all too well that before long he won't need that finger. He won't grasp onto me with that needy grip.


My little baker likes to make cookies, brownies, pretty much anything that includes the use of the Kitchen Aid mixer or a big mixing spoon of gloppy goodness she gets all to herself when the batter is all mixed. On rainy days I try to organize myself to help her bake something because it eats up a lot of time and oh my god does she love herself some baked goods. We were looking at a iffy weather day yesterday and I planned ahead to do some cookies. I even tried to get fancy and make our own icing, but that was an epic FAILURE, so we decorated them today with small tubes of writing gel. It didn't hurt that she has pretty much been obsessed with the box of cookie cutters Nana brought her over the weekend. We had three trays of ducks, butterflies, flowers, bunnies and shamrocks. Thanks Nana.

I always use this recipe and it is without a doubt my absolute favorite sugar cookie. It is easy to make, easy to roll, easy to bake, easy easy easy. It's foolproof, or more importantly, preschooler proof. It's also not very good for you - but it's a cookie, not a vegetable right?

I have a very involved tiny chef on my hands. She likes to assist with all aspects of whatever cooking/baking project we have going. Initially when she was smaller this led to many tantrums because WHY couldn't she stir the boiling hot sauce on the stove or how come she could measure the cider vinegar herself??? We've come to an agreement over the must be 2 years now we've been cooking together. I outline the plan, I tell her what her role will be and I provide her with all the cooking instruments she will need ie if I have a spoon, she also needs a spoon. If there is flour to measure, she holds the cup and dumps it into the bowl. If the recipe calls for eggs, she wants to help you crack it. If there is mixing to be done with the Kitchen Aid, she wants to drive and I let her, with supervision of course.

Kiki thinks I am brave and I sometimes think I am crazy. I do take some measures to ensure safety like unplugging the mixer as soon as we are mixed up and waiting until the very last possible second to plug it in. I can trust that when I say to turn the mixer to low, she only goes to low, though she asks me over and over again to make it go faster. It used to make me nervous letting her help so much, but what I have found over time is that she not only understands how to do things, but also that she feels pretty good about her role.  Cooking with Caroline is more than the cookies we produce. It's even more than just seeing her face light up as she pulls the chair over to the counter. It's the memories I am creating for her, ones I hope she will someday want to recreate with her own kids. My fearlessness, my letting go long ago of strict adherence to the recipe, and my absolute enjoyment (despite the sticky dishes) of this special time with my daughter is one of my most favorite things. In time I suspect Connor will join us and I don't doubt for a second that his sister will let him know exactly what she thinks his role should be. In the same way I hold out hope that she will someday want to try on my wedding dress, I hope that she will ask me to send her this recipe.

Not so sure that Kiki and Papa are happy about the extra sweets lying around tempting them, but Caroline doesn't seem to be slowing down her baking anytime soon. 

I hold him?

his name is now synonomous with "whackadoo"

I have very quietly been participating in an intensive interview process for what I had hoped would be my next professional role. It started with an email requesting a phone interview. That phone interview was not the general HR screen I am accustomed to. She asked challenging behavioral questions like "tell me about the most challenging person you've ever worked with." That phone interview led to another phone interview with the Director, complete with more of those sweat-inducing behavioral questions. An email request for an in-person interview and suddenly I was seated in a conference room with four interviewers who rapid fired a set list of yet even more behavioral questions, took notes on my replies and SCORED my answers. "Think of a time when a policy or guideline was not well-received and how you mitigated that ?" "What was the best gift you've ever received and why?" "Describe your organizational methods." "Tell us about a time when you empowered a person or a group." "Can you tell us about a time when you held an unpopular view with a person or group and how you handled that." And on. And on. For an exhausting 60 minutes. The opening question, "Dunkin or Starbucks and why?" I felt good about it and sure enough the Director phoned me the next day to ask me to meet with him informally for coffee.

Meeting informally for coffee after he sent along their benefit information. I thought I was going to receive an in person offer. I thought he was playing hardball by wanting to do that in person.

Meeting informally to discuss... wait for it... what it is like to work for him. This was my opportunity he told me to find out about him and he would be keeping me for the full hour so I had better make good use of my time. This was after he got a nice dig in over our meeting location - which he pointed out was convenient only for me, despite the fact that he himself had named the terms of our meeting, including the 7:30AM time. I asked about travel, I tried to better explore an employee he discussed who had not been up to snuff and how he had known this person was not a good fit. He explained to me that in this position I would need to "pay attention" and gave me an example of a meeting summary. He writes one for all his meetings and if I went to a meeting and did not provide him with a summary, well then, I hadn't been paying attention had I? He discussed his open door policy, but as I listened it didn't seem like any open door policy I had ever heard of before. He said he hoped all the people he hired were smarter than him, but that it was his role to impart his "wisdom." He discussed Outlook at great length, going so far as to tell me that he frequently sends notes to staff letting them know they "aren't getting an A in Outlook" because there are pockets of time in their calendar unaccounted for. This led to a rousing discussion of the inefficiency of mouse vs. shortcut keys and I jokingly said, "what did you hide their mice?" His reply, "I've taken them." He went off on tangents about LA traffic from berating comments about how I clearly would need to better understand driving in the Greater Boston area, Little did he know and nor did he ask, but the territory I covered while I was a hospice social worker included such the geographic gem of Somerville. I think I can handle getting to Lowell. Let's just leave out that I got lost every.single.time I tried to leave Somerville. I tried to defend what I thought the group must have felt were my deficiencies; balancing home and work, making a leap from direct service, moving from part to full time. Home and work balance led to comments about how week one on the job would certainly NOT result in disappointment on the work side now would it? This led to him asking about the kids' ages and when he heard 3 he thought this was the appropriate time to tell me about how he and his wife were annoyed by a long wait outside their 3 year old's sunday school class 23 years ago and that led them to become sunday school teachers themselves and no parent EVER had to wait for their child outside their door. The absolute gem of the meeting was when he shared that two of my potential colleagues felt it was necessary to add into the training and orientation for new employees a section on "how to work with Director." I am unsure why I stayed for the whole meeting, but if I hadn't have I would have missed the punchline when the salary "budget" was finally discussed and it was 18% off my salary requirement. Did I want to continue? That would mean I would need to meet two high level board members and they could only meet at this one time. They wouldn't have a vote, but their opinion would help guide him and following THAT meeting he would be prepared to make me an offer OR discontinue the process. He gave me some organization materials, I said I would be in touch to let him know if I wanted to move forward and I got in the car to go home, my head spinning from my meeting with the most arrogant man I have ever met. Did I want to move forward? Did I want to take a class on working with the whackadoo? No. God no! and it was a shame because I really wanted the position, but I am not looking to be constantly wondering if I am paying attention well enough. All that paying attention would prevent the work from getting done and I imagined the wrath that would surely be taken out on my poor family each day as I recovered from his ridiculousness. Though it pained me to do so, especially after such a long process, I sent an email thanking him for the opportunity and withdrawing myself from consideration citing salary and more importantly that I did not think our work styles were a good fit. I wasn't sure what his reply would be, but I never expected what arrived late that night. "Thanks for your time. Best of luck. I agree with your assessment." I wanted to write back this one statement, "You agree that you were going to grossly underpay me to put up with your bullshit?" 

Needless to say, I'm still looking.

like this auntie?

From Caroline Month 5

"born a sox fan"


Working on a chalk masterpiece. Filling the coupe's gas tank. Doing
hopscotch. Ordering bagels and milkshakes from the car license plate/
drive thru window. The life of a 3 year old.

not quite ready

I opened the familiar Dick and Jane books at Barnes and Noble this morning and was instantly sucked back in time to when I first sat with my mother and read the orange covered Dick and Jane book that had been my father's. I remember vividly looking at the page, seeing the words, and feeling completely overwhelmed that someone expected me to be able to read them. Myself. I know that book, scary as it was initially, was the gateway to many fictional adventures. Not long thereafter I was sneaking out of bed at night to read by nightlight. The books aren't exactly the same. For one thing, I knew my old orange book had begun with "see dick. see dick run." I could have gotten a smaller paperback version, but it just isn't the same. For just $8.00 I could start my girl on a lifetime of reading.

We got home, she sat on my lap and we opened to the first short story, "Go, Go, Go." Go, go, go. Go, dick, go. I asked her to look at the letters, the words, to say them with me and she closed the book. She's not quite ready now, but when she is Dick and Jane and Sally and Spot are ready to show her how. I found her later flipping through the pages, making up her own stories for the pictures and that's good enough for me.

Unrelated, but totally awesome. We also picked up these adorable books with cutting and coloring exercises.  We spent a good hour today doing these great activities and she would have done the whole book if I had let her. Sometimes it is helpful having a pint sized shopping partner because they were all the way on the bottom shelf. No paid review here, these were just my own little find and I will definitely be getting the second installment. The activities are cute and imaginative and  will help her with her cutting and following direction skills.

Read dick and Jane. Check.

the afternoon grouch

There was a time that Caroline took long luxurious naps. There was even a time long, long ago that she took more than one of those super long, don't know what to do with yourself naps each day. Before we left CT I asked you all to have a moment for the end of my daughter's nap. She did better, she slept better, she was a bit of a spitfire from 4pm on, but it was all worth it when she was settled sweetly under her sheets at 7:30 each night. Then we moved and things were crazy and Caroline needed that nap again. We kept it to 90 minutes at a maximum and the days when the kids each magically nap during the same time is both precious and precarious. How much CAN I actually get done in the overlapping 60 minutes? How to prioritize? Should I just say screw it and just put my feet up and actually read that Real Simple? It was a glorious time. Caroline was even going to bed easily and at a reasonable hour.

and then it all went to hell. Caroline adjusted to life in MA and those 90 minute naps, while they did result in a mostly happy afternoon with listening ears turned to the on position, KILLED bedtime. Those naps didn't just drown bedtime, they bludgeoned bedtime. Earlier this week we were still listening to her scream over Connor's monitor at nearly 10. Steve and I walked up the stairs to retire for the evening at 10:30 and would you believe me if I told you she was STILL awake. at 10:30. It is quite possible that I fell asleep before her that night.

So the nap, the glorious 90 minutes free of "why?"s, endless commentary about nothing, and stories about "when I was a wittle girl," has once again been retired. We tried it yesterday in a purely experimental way to see how long she would sleep for the overnight and wouldn't you know she passed out practically as her head hit the pillow and did not wake up until a reasonable time this morning. One cruel caveat of this new experiment is a ridiculous, non-listening ball of sass. She'll look me right in the eye and do exactly what I told her "if you do that one more time you are going to, well then GO. To. Time. Out." I'm committed because I know in time her body will adjust to not having that nap, she'll be used to actually being tired at a reasonable hour, and we won't have to sing Twinkle to a tricky three year-old fifty times a night, retucking, resetting music, reminding that it is time for little girls to be asleep for the love of GOD.

This day. Day two sans nap. This day kicked my butt to practically Sunday. Fun times I say. I need an out of the house activity for tomorrow morning before the sass is due to arrive. That's when I plan on bribing the sass with chocolate beaters from brownie mix. Nothing a little chocolate can't fix right?

big boy

Send an email - check

Sent to Daddy just now - dictated to Mommy - she typed a bit.

She's quite thankful it seems.


Thank you Caroline.
School is good. I liked going down the slide.
I had a soup with cookies.
Con Man sleeping.
Thank you so much for school.
Thank you Mommy, Thank you so much. Thank you so much for rest of today.

Love Caroline

The new 101 in 1001 for my 1001

I’ve quietly checked things off my 101 in 1001 list since I first posted it back in September of 2007. That list expires in June and I am making plans to check off those remaining items before the expiration date. The final month of my pregnancy, our new address, and the fact that Shea Stadium is no longer in existence kind of make a few of those items impossible. So I updated the list to reflect “the impossibles” and the “carried overs.” Even with those changes there are still 18 items on the list and instead of feeling pressure to complete them, I’m feeling inspired to creatively find ways to fit them all in.

Kiki has wanted to take Caroline to the Swan Boats since before she was born, so we packed the kids up rather spontaneously on Friday and checked both “Swan Boats” and “Take her on a Surprise Trip” off the list. It was quite an afternoon packed with garden strolling, swan boat riding, make way for duckling posing, and ice cream for lunch from Frosty’s ice cream truck. She had so much fun that she cried as we walked across the street to the Common Garage. I couldn’t remember the last time I was there and it has always been one of my favorite places in the entire city. I am pretty sure that I have not ever taken an actual Swan Boat ride until today either. I am certain it was a million times better to wait and do it with my kids.

I’m going to be packing lots of memories into these next few weeks. If all falls into place we’ll complete the things that ARE actually possible and finesse some to make them work. Looking back its amazing the memories we have created and I’m really looking forward to the ones ahead because oh, will you look at that… a brandy new 101 in 1001. It’s chock full of things that scare me, things that make my heart swell, things that I want to check of two or three times because the awesomeness is just too much.

The NEW 101 in 1001

What steve is missing during his rain delay

Tortellini and peas with a butter Parmesan sauce. Caroline's almost
done her second bowl. Add to the make again and again list!! From
everyday food app.

This one is for daddy

When he gets home from the game


That’s Roman for 1000, as in this is my 1000th post. 


It’s hard to believe how much has changed and how much has stayed the same in all this time, over all these posts. When I told Steve’s sisters that I noticed I was creeping up on this milestone they each had great suggestions for this post. You’ll see Auntie C’s plan tomorrow. I’m incorporating auntie k’s here, but I wouldn’t be Kerri if I didn’t get all reflective and wordy for a moment or two.

I remember when this chronicle began, the very moment it was created. Auntie C sat at the beach computer and we tossed around names and suddenly it was live and well, here we are. I chronicled my pregnancy with Caroline, writing about the developmental deets of the week, how I was feeling, complaining a bit, whining unmercilessly when Caroline arrived a week late. She arrived and suddenly my play by play shifted to introspective and reflective. I wrote things that made me teary to read back. I wrote things that made me angry. I wrote from my gut. I told the world about things I was so proud of and things that made me feel like a terrible mom. We’re still adjusting to life with Connor and lately my posts are far from reflective. Connor’s arrival has added so much to our life. His tiny laugh can bring me back from the brink of whatever crazy place I find myself getting stuck in. Having to peel his big sister off of him as she smothers him with kisses makes me see how important his presence is not just to Steve and I, but to Caroline as well. She echoes my “oh sweetheart” when he’s sad, she calls him mister man. Just tonight she heard me ask Steve to get a diaper for him and she took off running for the diaper bag, retrieving not just the diaper, but the changing pad and wipes as well. She gets being a mommy. She understands what he needs. She is his absolute favorite face. She will be his best friend. Time is going fast, I’m posting photos of their cuteness, moments of time in this not so settled life we are living and I’ve left out the reflective. I haven’t had time for the reflective because I am too busy sucking up all the goodness of this most special time with them. I can’t get this time back. I’m not sure there will ever be another nut to add to the bunch and I want to soak it all in until I cannot contain another single particle of my amazing kids. Sure, Caroline’s been a roller coaster of emotion. Yeah, she has been a challenging want to leave her at the Halfway CafĂ© catastrophe. Connor’s been Ricky, his reflux alter ego, and those have been some trying times with an inconsolable baby on my shoulder arching his back with tears, real honest to jeebus tears, streaming down his face. Trying times I tell you and yet, despite all of this, we’re solid. Nothing beats that little girl manipulating me into singing Twinkle one more time. There are few things in life that beat waking back up from my 5 or 6 am feeding with Connor to see his sweet face, hands under his chin, a look of complete peace on his face. There are even fewer things that can take my breath away like the face of my three year old that seems to be changing again into a little girl’s face, perfect lips, cute spray of freckles and those eyes that are so penetrating they actually physically startle me.

1000. Here’s to 1000 more triumphs, trials, and tidbits.

The Ones I Read the Most:
and pretty much all my sucktacular posts because as funny as they are, as sucktacular as they can be, my words were not so nice and I think I am a pretty nice girl

The One I Cried Through

The One I Thought Was So Funny

Do you have any favorites? least Favorites? have I made you Laugh? made you cry?

Swan boats: check

extended beach weekend

We were only away for four days, but it felt like so much more.

A. We were so relaxed that it felt like we had been gone forever
B. It was at times so tiring that we felt like we needed 9pm bedtimes all week.
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above

The answer: C

The beach was gorgeous. The water as cold as we remembered. There were sandcastles to build and smush. There were walks along the sand and boats & birds to watch. There was a three year old temper, listening ears turned to "off" who awoke two days in row before 6AM. Her grandfather must really love Chuggington to get up that early to sit with her. There was an auntie who assisted the child management by the surf. There was a family at the beach collecting new freckles. There was a little girl so in love with the sun and the sand that my heart almost burst.

Here are my favorites from our weekend getaway to the sea.