the afternoon grouch

There was a time that Caroline took long luxurious naps. There was even a time long, long ago that she took more than one of those super long, don't know what to do with yourself naps each day. Before we left CT I asked you all to have a moment for the end of my daughter's nap. She did better, she slept better, she was a bit of a spitfire from 4pm on, but it was all worth it when she was settled sweetly under her sheets at 7:30 each night. Then we moved and things were crazy and Caroline needed that nap again. We kept it to 90 minutes at a maximum and the days when the kids each magically nap during the same time is both precious and precarious. How much CAN I actually get done in the overlapping 60 minutes? How to prioritize? Should I just say screw it and just put my feet up and actually read that Real Simple? It was a glorious time. Caroline was even going to bed easily and at a reasonable hour.

and then it all went to hell. Caroline adjusted to life in MA and those 90 minute naps, while they did result in a mostly happy afternoon with listening ears turned to the on position, KILLED bedtime. Those naps didn't just drown bedtime, they bludgeoned bedtime. Earlier this week we were still listening to her scream over Connor's monitor at nearly 10. Steve and I walked up the stairs to retire for the evening at 10:30 and would you believe me if I told you she was STILL awake. at 10:30. It is quite possible that I fell asleep before her that night.

So the nap, the glorious 90 minutes free of "why?"s, endless commentary about nothing, and stories about "when I was a wittle girl," has once again been retired. We tried it yesterday in a purely experimental way to see how long she would sleep for the overnight and wouldn't you know she passed out practically as her head hit the pillow and did not wake up until a reasonable time this morning. One cruel caveat of this new experiment is a ridiculous, non-listening ball of sass. She'll look me right in the eye and do exactly what I told her "if you do that one more time you are going to, well then GO. To. Time. Out." I'm committed because I know in time her body will adjust to not having that nap, she'll be used to actually being tired at a reasonable hour, and we won't have to sing Twinkle to a tricky three year-old fifty times a night, retucking, resetting music, reminding that it is time for little girls to be asleep for the love of GOD.

This day. Day two sans nap. This day kicked my butt to practically Sunday. Fun times I say. I need an out of the house activity for tomorrow morning before the sass is due to arrive. That's when I plan on bribing the sass with chocolate beaters from brownie mix. Nothing a little chocolate can't fix right?

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  1. Funny how that sleep schedule rules our lives isn't it? I just finished a post on our bedtime routine, which I didn't think was a routine, just organized chaos until I wrote it down.