My little baker likes to make cookies, brownies, pretty much anything that includes the use of the Kitchen Aid mixer or a big mixing spoon of gloppy goodness she gets all to herself when the batter is all mixed. On rainy days I try to organize myself to help her bake something because it eats up a lot of time and oh my god does she love herself some baked goods. We were looking at a iffy weather day yesterday and I planned ahead to do some cookies. I even tried to get fancy and make our own icing, but that was an epic FAILURE, so we decorated them today with small tubes of writing gel. It didn't hurt that she has pretty much been obsessed with the box of cookie cutters Nana brought her over the weekend. We had three trays of ducks, butterflies, flowers, bunnies and shamrocks. Thanks Nana.

I always use this recipe and it is without a doubt my absolute favorite sugar cookie. It is easy to make, easy to roll, easy to bake, easy easy easy. It's foolproof, or more importantly, preschooler proof. It's also not very good for you - but it's a cookie, not a vegetable right?

I have a very involved tiny chef on my hands. She likes to assist with all aspects of whatever cooking/baking project we have going. Initially when she was smaller this led to many tantrums because WHY couldn't she stir the boiling hot sauce on the stove or how come she could measure the cider vinegar herself??? We've come to an agreement over the must be 2 years now we've been cooking together. I outline the plan, I tell her what her role will be and I provide her with all the cooking instruments she will need ie if I have a spoon, she also needs a spoon. If there is flour to measure, she holds the cup and dumps it into the bowl. If the recipe calls for eggs, she wants to help you crack it. If there is mixing to be done with the Kitchen Aid, she wants to drive and I let her, with supervision of course.

Kiki thinks I am brave and I sometimes think I am crazy. I do take some measures to ensure safety like unplugging the mixer as soon as we are mixed up and waiting until the very last possible second to plug it in. I can trust that when I say to turn the mixer to low, she only goes to low, though she asks me over and over again to make it go faster. It used to make me nervous letting her help so much, but what I have found over time is that she not only understands how to do things, but also that she feels pretty good about her role.  Cooking with Caroline is more than the cookies we produce. It's even more than just seeing her face light up as she pulls the chair over to the counter. It's the memories I am creating for her, ones I hope she will someday want to recreate with her own kids. My fearlessness, my letting go long ago of strict adherence to the recipe, and my absolute enjoyment (despite the sticky dishes) of this special time with my daughter is one of my most favorite things. In time I suspect Connor will join us and I don't doubt for a second that his sister will let him know exactly what she thinks his role should be. In the same way I hold out hope that she will someday want to try on my wedding dress, I hope that she will ask me to send her this recipe.

Not so sure that Kiki and Papa are happy about the extra sweets lying around tempting them, but Caroline doesn't seem to be slowing down her baking anytime soon. 


  1. Gah, I wish the CAPTCHA would show up BEFORE I Click 'Post Comment' stinkin' blogger. Anywho, I love how you're approaching this and can't wait til Anna has more of an attention span for helping around the kitchen.

  2. I think it is so sweet that you guys bake together. I hope she wants to continue that as she gets older!