That’s Roman for 1000, as in this is my 1000th post. 


It’s hard to believe how much has changed and how much has stayed the same in all this time, over all these posts. When I told Steve’s sisters that I noticed I was creeping up on this milestone they each had great suggestions for this post. You’ll see Auntie C’s plan tomorrow. I’m incorporating auntie k’s here, but I wouldn’t be Kerri if I didn’t get all reflective and wordy for a moment or two.

I remember when this chronicle began, the very moment it was created. Auntie C sat at the beach computer and we tossed around names and suddenly it was live and well, here we are. I chronicled my pregnancy with Caroline, writing about the developmental deets of the week, how I was feeling, complaining a bit, whining unmercilessly when Caroline arrived a week late. She arrived and suddenly my play by play shifted to introspective and reflective. I wrote things that made me teary to read back. I wrote things that made me angry. I wrote from my gut. I told the world about things I was so proud of and things that made me feel like a terrible mom. We’re still adjusting to life with Connor and lately my posts are far from reflective. Connor’s arrival has added so much to our life. His tiny laugh can bring me back from the brink of whatever crazy place I find myself getting stuck in. Having to peel his big sister off of him as she smothers him with kisses makes me see how important his presence is not just to Steve and I, but to Caroline as well. She echoes my “oh sweetheart” when he’s sad, she calls him mister man. Just tonight she heard me ask Steve to get a diaper for him and she took off running for the diaper bag, retrieving not just the diaper, but the changing pad and wipes as well. She gets being a mommy. She understands what he needs. She is his absolute favorite face. She will be his best friend. Time is going fast, I’m posting photos of their cuteness, moments of time in this not so settled life we are living and I’ve left out the reflective. I haven’t had time for the reflective because I am too busy sucking up all the goodness of this most special time with them. I can’t get this time back. I’m not sure there will ever be another nut to add to the bunch and I want to soak it all in until I cannot contain another single particle of my amazing kids. Sure, Caroline’s been a roller coaster of emotion. Yeah, she has been a challenging want to leave her at the Halfway Café catastrophe. Connor’s been Ricky, his reflux alter ego, and those have been some trying times with an inconsolable baby on my shoulder arching his back with tears, real honest to jeebus tears, streaming down his face. Trying times I tell you and yet, despite all of this, we’re solid. Nothing beats that little girl manipulating me into singing Twinkle one more time. There are few things in life that beat waking back up from my 5 or 6 am feeding with Connor to see his sweet face, hands under his chin, a look of complete peace on his face. There are even fewer things that can take my breath away like the face of my three year old that seems to be changing again into a little girl’s face, perfect lips, cute spray of freckles and those eyes that are so penetrating they actually physically startle me.

1000. Here’s to 1000 more triumphs, trials, and tidbits.

The Ones I Read the Most:
and pretty much all my sucktacular posts because as funny as they are, as sucktacular as they can be, my words were not so nice and I think I am a pretty nice girl

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Do you have any favorites? least Favorites? have I made you Laugh? made you cry?


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