The new 101 in 1001 for my 1001

I’ve quietly checked things off my 101 in 1001 list since I first posted it back in September of 2007. That list expires in June and I am making plans to check off those remaining items before the expiration date. The final month of my pregnancy, our new address, and the fact that Shea Stadium is no longer in existence kind of make a few of those items impossible. So I updated the list to reflect “the impossibles” and the “carried overs.” Even with those changes there are still 18 items on the list and instead of feeling pressure to complete them, I’m feeling inspired to creatively find ways to fit them all in.

Kiki has wanted to take Caroline to the Swan Boats since before she was born, so we packed the kids up rather spontaneously on Friday and checked both “Swan Boats” and “Take her on a Surprise Trip” off the list. It was quite an afternoon packed with garden strolling, swan boat riding, make way for duckling posing, and ice cream for lunch from Frosty’s ice cream truck. She had so much fun that she cried as we walked across the street to the Common Garage. I couldn’t remember the last time I was there and it has always been one of my favorite places in the entire city. I am pretty sure that I have not ever taken an actual Swan Boat ride until today either. I am certain it was a million times better to wait and do it with my kids.

I’m going to be packing lots of memories into these next few weeks. If all falls into place we’ll complete the things that ARE actually possible and finesse some to make them work. Looking back its amazing the memories we have created and I’m really looking forward to the ones ahead because oh, will you look at that… a brandy new 101 in 1001. It’s chock full of things that scare me, things that make my heart swell, things that I want to check of two or three times because the awesomeness is just too much.

The NEW 101 in 1001


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